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Who Will Stand Your Watch?

Who Will Stand Your Watch a new substance abuse prevention campaign designed to educate Sailors of the negative impact substance abuse can have on a Sailor's family, shipmates, and career.

The campaign focuses on a Sailor's personal responsibility and the impact on the unit and their shipmates when the Sailor is removed from duty as a result of a substance abuse incident. The campaign utilizes various communication tactics that include print media and public services announcements.

The pamphlets include the substance abuse continuum. The continuum is designed to help Sailors and Commands identify and intervene before a substance abuse incident occurs. Shipmates take care of shipmates.  It is important to educate all hands on signs of substance abuse.  Every Sailor must be aware of the signs of abuse and intervene early to ensure shipmates don’t abuse drugs or alcohol. 

The campaign includes the following materials intended to target various communities:
• 4 Pamphlets
• 6 Posters
• 4 TV Public Service Announcements

The print media is available through Navy Logistics Library for order free of charge.  

The PSAs are currently being aired on Direct to Sailor TV and can be found on the Navy Personnel Command web site.


How to order:

1. View the Order Form Here. Decide which products and how many you want - Enter numbers in the order column. For packaged products please alsoenter TOTAL requested, i.e. 2 packs x 50 = 100 Total

2. A. Contact your Logistics Specialists or supply department to get the appropriate Unit Identification Code (UIC) and helpordering products.

B. They must have an NLL account. For help ordering or setting up an account from the Naval Logistics Library call:1-866-817-3130 or215-697-2626/DSN 442-2626C. Supply the completed form.

3. Insert Organizational UIC All products will be shipped to physical address associated with the UIC in the System (usually a receiving office or supply delivery address for the base).

4. In addition to the UIC include an Attention Line here for delivery notification (No more than 35 characters including telephone number).