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Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning is a process where leadership defines the long-term vision of the organization as well as how that end state will be achieved. Painting the picture of where you will go is only one part of strategic planning. The next critical action required is deciding how you will get there. This requires identifying the resources and actions needed to get to that vision. What results is an action plan or strategic roadmap an organization follows and uses to guide leadership decisions. While strategic planning is iterative by design and agile to shift when the needs of the Navy shifts, our mission and vision captured in our 2020 Vision remains consistent.

Our 2020 Vision
Through our 2020 Vision, BUPERS-Millington/NPC has the end-state defined. Additionally, it paints the picture of how we want to evolve as an organization. Within the 2020 Vision, the three Focus Areas serve as our roadmaps for the organizational transformation needed to achieve our vision. Within each of the Focus Areas, we’ve identified goals and targeted capabilities required to reach each desired end state. Click on the link below to learn more about the 2020 Vision and to download the document.

Our Annual Reports
The fiscal year (FY) Annual Reports are our end-of-year assessments for our organization. The FY xx Annual Report profiles our individual departments, highlights achievements, spotlights a few large-scale projects we completed through the year, and shows our progress within our three strategic Focus Areas.

Click on the links below to download a BUPERS-Millington/NPC Annual Report.