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2020 Vision


"While the mission of BPM/NPC remains unchanged, our strategic plan has been updated while remaining anchored in the enduring motto: Mission First, Sailors Always. As we plot our future course, we are certain to encounter unanticipated challenges but our role supporting the Fleet with ready Sailors will remain constant as the source of the Navy’s warfighting capability.

Our mission is at the forefront of the Chief of Naval Operations’ (CNO) priorities, and we’ve used CNO guidance to set our vision. The CNO’s tenets: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready, provide the strategic direction for our focus areas. Additionally, CNO’s three priorities of remaining ready, building a capable future force, and supporting our Sailors, civilians, and their families guide our strategy and actions.  

This document serves as an update to the previous 2008 version of the 2020 Vision; yet, the fundamental elements are unchanged. We are in the business of Manning the Fleet with ready Sailors, and supporting their ability to serve from beginning to end. Our updated strategic focus areas target manning the fleet, quality human resource services, and effective internal organizational performance, reflecting new Navy guidance while remaining firmly engaged in our mission."

- Excerpt from "Commander's Intent" by RADM Cynthia Covell


2020 Vision: 2013 Update