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News - 2011
News - 2010 


 Publish Date
December, 2010
Navy Steps up Protection of Sailor Information 12/22/2010
Passport, Visa Required for Bahrain Duty 12/22/2010
Re-Enlistment Rules Benefit Fleet; Readiness 12/21/2010
NPC Launches New Records Review Tool: OMPF-Command View 12/16/2010
Senior Navy Counselors Meet, Discuss Perform to Serve Trends 12/13/2010
System Changes Make CMS/ID More User-Friendly 12/07/2010
Financial Preparedness, Best Holiday Gift 12/02/2010
Senior Enlisted Continuation Board Results Released 12/02/2010
November, 2010
Brig’s Work Gives Wounded Service Members ‘Helping Paw’ 11/23/2010
Career Development Board Compliance rate Improves 11/22/2010
Senior Enlisted Continuation Board Notifications Underway 11/09/2010
Performance Eval Error Codes Not Board Disqualifiers 11/09/2010
October, 2010
Sailor's Exceptional Toddler Survives Cancer 10/07/2010
Active-Duty Officer Promotions Supplememtal Message Released 10/07/2010
IA Business Rules Released:  OSA Replacing GSA for Enlisted Sailors 10/13/2010
Happy 235th, Navy 10/14/2010
Evaluations, Fitness Reports Rejected for Improper PFA Codes 10/15/2010
Enlisted Field Service Record Closeout Extended 10/19/2010
Electronic Leave Deadline Approaching for All Shore Commands 10/20/2010
Try E-Leave for the Holidays 10/26/2010
PTS Responds to Fleet Feedback 10/27/2010
September, 2010
Remembering Our POW/MIAs 9/16/2010
Officers:  Is Your Photo on File? 9/20/2010
CMS/ID Upgrade Improves Ease of Use 9/30/2010
Rating Conversion Keeps Good Sailors Employed 9/30/2010
Post 9/11 GI Bill Proves Popular 9/30/2010
August, 2010
Reserve Affiliation Made Easy 8/31/2010
Navy Tightens E5 Eval Recommendations 8/26/2010
New Law Extends 75-Day Leave Carry Over 8/25/2010
Sailors, It's All About You 8/23/2010
Sailors With 19 Years of Service, Listen Up 8/20/2010
Elimination of Field Service Record Approaches 8/12/2010
Special Duty Assignment Pay Deadlines Approach 8/10/2010
CDB Training Benefits Sailors Serving in Afghanistan 8/10/2010
PRT Bike Equation Changes Mean More Accurate Results 8/09/2010
Renter's Insurance Important for Base Residents 8/05/2010
July, 2010
Overseas Screening Discrepancies Cost Time, Money 7/29/2010
Fleet Gets Manning Training at the Source 7/29/2010
E-Leave to Begin at Shore Commands 7/27/2010
BUPERS uses New System for Message Delivery 7/27/2010
Career Development Boards Help Leaders, Sailors 7/16/2010
Navy Readies New Performance Evaluation Software 7/15/2010
Rules Change on Escorting Families During Duty Station Moves 7/14/2010
Post-9/11 GI Bill Transferability Requires Obligated Service 7/07/2010
Keeping High-Performing Sailors Goal of Counselors 7/01/2010
June, 2010
Personnel Manual Changes Put Focus on Performance 6/30/2010
Navy Mentors Future Engineers 6/30/2010
Navy Recognizes IA/GSA on Fitness Reports and Evals 6/29/2010
Update Exceptional Family Members Before Negotiating Orders 6/22/2010
Flood Prompts Personal Readiness Lessons 6/09/2010
Navy Gets Closer to PFA Documentation for Fitness Reports 6/03/2010
 May, 2010  
NPC FORCM Hits the Deck Running 5/25/2010
NOSC Memphis Responds to Flooding 5/21/2010
Navy Freeing up Aviation Training Pipeline 5/19/2010
Selection Boards Rescheduled, Promotions on Track 5/19/2010
Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center Update 5/12/2010
Navy Personnel Command Gets Back to Business 5/10/2010
Some of NPC's Fleetwide Administrative Functions Restored 5/10/2010
Sailors Help Shipmates Affected by Flooding 5/09/2010
CMS/ID Schedule Adjusted in Response to Millington Flood 5/08/2010
CNRMW Visits Millington, Praises Recovery Efforts 5/08/2010
Sailors' Records Safe, Selection Boards Rescheduled 5/08/2010
American Red Cross Establishes Shelter at NSA Mid-South 5/08/2010
NSA Mid-South Recovering Thanks to Teamwork 5/07/2010
Flood Impacts NPC's Connectivity 5/07/2010
NSA Mid-South Begins Recovery Effort From Flood 5/07/2010
NEX Memphis Helps Military Families in Aftermath of Flood 5/07/2010
Families Affected by Flooding Advised to Complete Assessment 5/06/2010
Millington Clears Storm Damage, Works on Restoring Services to the Fleet 5/06/2010
Quick Efforts Saved Sailors' Data During Flood 5/06/2010
CNO Meets with Navy Families Displaced by Flooding in Millington 5/04/2010
Claims Assistance Provided for Millington Flood Victims 5/03/2010
Flooding Impacts Navy Personnel Systems, E-8 Board 5/03/2010
Many Avenues Exist to Assist Millington Flood Victims 5/02/2010
NSA Mid-South Experiences Major Flooding 5/02/2010
CNO Assures Millington Naval Community 5/02/2010
April, 2010
Navy Implements Changes to DoD 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Regulations 4/21/2010
Navy Announces New Requirements for Perform to Serve 4/14/2010
Navy to Eliminate Little Used Fitness Waiver 4/13/2010
2010 Navy and Marine Corps Combat and OSC Conference "Taking Action, Measuring Results" 4/09/2010
Sailors Seeing Success with Perform-to-Serve 4/08/2010
Local Officer Engineers Personal Success 4/07/2010
Missing PRIMS Data Can Slow Your Promotion 4/07/2010
Tools for Sailors to Maintain Their Personnel Records Online 4/01/2010
Continuum of Service Initiatives Give Sailors More Options 4/01/2010
March, 2010
New Drugs - Same Navy Policy - Zero Tolerance 3/29/2010
Navy Announces Plans to ‘Can’ Paper Leave Chits 3/22/2010
Navy Officials Want You to Watch Your Tempo 3/19/2010
Navy Seeks to Stop Sexual Assault Before it Starts 3/17/2010
Navy to Update Fitness Reports and Evals 3/10/2010
Top Navy Official Says Minding Your P's Can Take Careers Far 3/07/2010
NPC Customer Service Center Detailer Pilot Program Answers the Call 3/01/2010
February, 2010
Suicide prevention remains a top focus for 2010 2/19/2010
Specialty Career Path Expansion Provides Officers Greater Opportunity 2/18/2010
Navy to Phase-out Enlisted Field Service Records 2/05/2010
New Detailing Business Rules Improving Fleet Manning 2/04/2010
MCPON Tells Navy to be "Brilliant" 2/04/2010
January, 2010
Navy Modifies Sexual Assault Reporting Procedures 1/27/2010
New Tool Puts Rating Converstion Data at Your Finger Tips 1/25/2010
Navy Announces Updates to Selective Reenlistment Bonus Award Levels 1/22/2010
Sailors Aiming for Anchors Must Review their Record 1/21/2010
Release of Zone C Results Marks Perform to Serve's Full Integration 1/11/2010
Navy Message Provides Guidance on SRB Program 1/08/2010

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