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News - 2009 


Publish Date
December, 2009  
Navy Experts Answer Your Questions on the Post-9/11 GI Bill 12/24/2009
Internet-Based NSIPS Applications to Require CAC Login 12/17/2009
Stress, more Sailors feeling and dealing 12/16/2009
Chief of Naval Personnel Visits Sailors in Korea 12/15/2009
Navy Program Reduces Sailors' Stress 12/15/2009
Navy Poll Tracks Perceptions on Physical Readiness 12/10/2009
NCIS Crime Reduction Program Targets Sexual Assault Prevention 12/10/2009
Navy Counselor Association Announces Annual Symposium 12/10/2009
Navy Establishes Post-9/11 Transferability for Limited Duty Sailors 12/10/2009
Navy Helps Sailors Prepare for College 12/08/2010
More than 17,000 Sailors on Fall Advancement List 12/01/2009
November, 2009
Petty Officer Advancement Results on Schedule for Release 11/25/2009
Going the Extra Mile to Welcome New Sailors 11/24/2009
Family Care Plan Revisions Include Deployment Deferment Option 11/23/2009
MCPON Calls Fleet And Force Leadership Conference 11/19/2009
Electronic Service Record, Navy seeks 100 Percent 11/19/2009
Navy Joins Local School as Partners in Excellence 11/19/2009
Navy Working Uniform Roll-out Accelerated 11/16/2009
Fiscal Year 2010 Seaman to Admiral Results Released 11/16/2009
NPC Moving Sailors Despite Budget Constraints 11/16/2009
Navy Wins Diversity Award Topping Leading Companies 11/10/2009
Event Honors Individual Augmentees, Spouses in Florida 11/10/2009
Career Tools Shows Commitment to Total Force Vision 11/09/2009
SECNAV Designates November as Warrior Care Month 11/05/2009
CNO Honors 2009 Stockdale Leadership Award Winners 11/05/2009
Navy Retains More Than 97 Percent from Senior Enlisted Continuation Board 11/02/2009
October, 2009
NPC Opinion Poll Says, Sailors don’t Know When to Apply for Post 911 GI Bill Transferability Benefits 10/27/2009
Rules for Permanent Makeup Released 10/26/2009
MCPON Recognizes Navy Suicide Prevention Poster Contest Winners 10/26/2009
Stop Loss Payment Application Window Opens 10/23/2009
Detailers to Field Applications for Break from Active Duty 10/23/2009
CNP Pays Tribute to Hispanics Serving in Navy's Total Force 10/20/2009
Navy Releases Notification Guidance for Continuation Board 10/14/2009
September, 2009
Lifelines Network Disestablished 9/30/2009
DoD Homeowners Assistance Program 9/30/2009
MCPON on Hand as Navy’s Convenes Senior Enlisted Continuation Board 9/22/2009
Navy Detailers Make Road Trip to Talk Career Management to Sailors 9/21/2009
CNO Approves Uniform Changes 9/18/2009
Seven Ways to Observe National Suicide Prevention Month – Any Time 9/11/2009
FY10 SRB Rewards Critical Skills and Top Performance 9/01/2009
August, 2009
Zone B PTS Results to be Released 8/28/2009
Orders Negotiation Window Shrinking; Sailor Involvement Key 8/28/2009
Most 'Fall Rollers' Won't See Orders Until October 8/28/2009
Rules for Extensions to Change This Fall 8/26/2009
Sailors' Online Records Key for Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer 8/26/2009
Some Sailors May Experience Compressed PCS Timelines this Fall 8/18/2009
Log On to NFAAS as Part of Disaster Preparedness 8/18/2009
MCPON Urges Sailors to Look out for Shipmates 8/12/2009
MCPON West Takes Calls with NPC Customer Service Team 8/07/2009
Future of Navy Personnel Discussed 8/05/2009
What the Navy Wants You to Know Before You Go 8/05/2009
Navy Personnel Command Tests Teleworking Ability 8/05/2009
July, 2009
Navy seeking Sailors thoughts in PSD Quick Poll 7/28/2009
Navy provides update on Senior Enlisted Continuation Board 7/22/2009
'Mustang' Officer Accession Programs 7/21/2009
Sailors Negotiate Orders Online 7/17/2009
Sailors Explore Transferability as Post 9/11 GI Bill Start Date Approaches 7/16/2009
MCPON Tells Sailors to Know Obligations, Options, Opportunities 7/15/2009
Navy Standardizes Suitability Screening for IAs 7/15/2009
Navy Unveils Self-Apply Option for Permanent Change of Station Orders 7/08/2009
MCPON Aims to Make Warfare Programs Mandatory for All Ranks 7/06/2009
CNP Answers Questions From Around the Fleet 7/01/2009
Sailors Encouraged to Participate in Study on Sexual Assault 7/01/2009
June, 2009
Defense Department Authorizes Family Members to Return to Bahrain 6/29/2009
Navy Working Uniform Now Authorized Off Base 6/29/2009
DoD Announces Transferability Options For 'Post 9/11 GI Bill' 6/26/2009
Planning Key to Family Readiness During Hurricane Season 6/19/2009
Plan your pack out, PCS moves are back on 6/19/2009
MCPON Stresses Brilliant On the Basics to NC Symposium 6/19/2009
Special Duty Assignment Pay Revised 6/18/2009
CNO Stresses Naval Adaptability at NWC Forum 6/18/2009
Leaders Challenged to Look Beyond Horizon in Dealing with Today's Threats 6/18/2009
Performance is Key in Today’s Navy 6/18/2009
PCS Order Writing May Resume In Weeks 6/17/2009
Navy Suspends Bonus Program for Remainder of Fiscal Year 6/16/2009
Force Stabilization Measures Taken Carefully, CNO Says 6/15/2009
Plan Ahead to Ensure a Smooth Move During Peak Season 6/11/2009
Navy to Convene Full-Time Support Boards in August 6/10/2009
Hometown Hero Encourages Rochester Grads To Get Involved 6/08/2009
Congressional Testimony Sets Groundwork for Personnel Programs in 2010 6/08/2009
Civilian Attorney Embodies Navy Ethos, Heads to Iraq as IA 6/08/2009
Navy Announces Extra Award Points for Sailors Supporting Global Ops 6/04/2009
CNO Shore Activities Sailor of the Year Announced 6/02/2009
May, 2009
Navy Expands PTS for Sailors E-6 and Below With 14 Years or Less 5/28/2009
CNP Podcast Highlights Navy's Operational Stress Control Program 5/28/2009
Navy Announces Suicide Prevention Poster Contest 5/28/2009
Uniform Changes Announced 5/20/2009
Summer Season Campaign Focuses on Keeping Sailors Safe 5/15/2009
Navy Feeling Impact of High Retention, Low Attrition 5/14/2009
Poll Shows Most Sailors Able to Navigate Through Strained Economy 5/13/2009
Reenlistment Ceremony Nets $1.36 Million for GW Reactor Sailors 5/12/2009
Chief of Naval Personnel Holds Board Results 5/12/2009
Deadline Extended to Apply for Career Intermission 5/11/2009
CNO Focused on Right Programs, Policies to Support Sailors 5/06/2009
April, 2009
CNP Releases Podcast on Force Stabilization 4/29/2009
Preparation Key as Navy Readies to Review 19,000 Sailors Eligible for Chief 4/27/2009
Navy Reaches Out to IA Families Using Different Channels 4/25/2009
CNP Releases Year-in-Review Podcast 4/22/2009
Exceptional Family Member Program Annual Conference Announced 4/22/2009
Pacific Fleet Commander Reaches Out about Outreach -- on Facebook 4/16/2009
Some PCS Moves Delayed Until October 4/14/2009
Navy Counselor Association Announces Annual Symposium 4/09/2009
Sailors Needing a Break May Consider Career Intermission 4/01/2009
CNP Provides Update for Senior Enlisted Continuation Boards 4/01/2009
March, 2009
Navy Earns Award for Efforts to Find Right People for Total Force 3/25/2009
Navy's Career Management Symposium Delivers Latest Information to Fleet 3/25/2009
Navy Stabilizes Force as it Nears End-strength Goal, Admiral Says 3/23/2009
CNO Releases Podcast on Force Stabilization 3/23/2009
Deadline for Creating Electronic Service Records Approaches 3/19/2009
Goal Oriented Corpsman Offers Unique Perspective 3/18/2009
Chiefs Charged to Lead the Way in Motorcycle Safety 3/18/2009
Conference to Focus on Family Readiness, Personnel Accountability 3/18/2009
Navy Secretary Departs Office 3/16/2009
SRB Award Levels Adjusted 3/12/2009
Navy Message Announces Updates to Physical Readiness Policy 3/11/2009
Focus on Sailors Formula for Success at NPC 3/06/2009
Sailors Receive Advancement Points for College Degrees 3/02/2009
February, 2009
Navy Solicits "Spirit of Hope" Award Nominations 2/27/2009
Forecaster Couldn't Predict IA Impact, Job Satisfaction 2/27/2009
NPC Sailor Joins the Chief Petty Officer Ranks – in February 2/26/2009
Military Saves Week: Build Wealth, Reduce Debt 2/19/2009
SRB Award Levels Changed 2/18/2009
Navy Revises Tracking of Sailors Health Post-Deployment 2/18/2009
CNP Wants Sailors to ACT to Prevent Suicide 2/17/2009
Suicide Awareness, Code of Conduct and Other Training Available on NKO 2/11/2009
CNP Mandates Electronic Service Record Accounts Fleet Wide 2/06/2009
NPC Adds Force Stabilization Page to Web Site 2/05/2009
MCPON Confirms “Performance” as Key to Staying 2/02/2009
January, 2009
Navy Announces Senior Enlisted Continuation Board 1/26/2009
Afloat College Enrollment Soars on Stennis 1/23/2009
New Guidance to Non-Designated Sailors Preparing for Rating Exam 1/21/2009
Navy Expands PTS to Zone B Sailors 1/20/2009
Navy Makes Preparing for Selection Boards Easier 1/14/2009
Free Anti-Virus Software Available to DoD Employees 1/13/2009
Navy Revises Short-Term Extension Policy 1/12/2009
Selective Reenlistment Bonus Policy Changes Announced 1/09/2009
New Counter-Piracy Task Force Established 1/08/2009

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