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Important Windows 7 News

Windows 7 Pilot Testing Now Underway!

Pers-543 has two NMCI Seats configured with Windows 7 Professional x64bit available for testing your application(s). From this point onward, all new Tech Refresh seats will ship with Windows 7 Professional 64bit version.

Switching to this new 64 bit version of the Operating System may cause older, "in-house generated" applications to act "odd" or to not even work at all. It is, therefore, very important that all Pers Codes that use "special purpose" applications take the necessary time to test their application's behavior under the Windows 7 x64bit Operating System.

You may contact anyone in Pers-543 to schedule a time to test your application's performance, so please take the time to test your applications to ensure they work before Windows 7 x64 bit is rolled out across the BUPERS/NPC Claimant.