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Assignment of Women



SECNAVINST 1300.12D - Assignment of Women Members in the DON        



  OPNAVINST 1300.17B CH-1 - Assignment of Women in the Navy



  MILPERSMAN 1300-1000 - Military Couple and Single Parent Assignment Policy

                       **Collocation of Dual Military (Navy) Service Members **


        OPNAVINST 9640.1B - Shipboard Habitability Program


Pregnancy & Parenthood




       DOD Instruction Number 1342.19 (May 7, 2010) - Adoption Deferment



  SECNAVINST 1000.10A - DON Policy on Pregnancy and Parenthood



  OPNAVINST 6000.1C - Guidelines Concerning Pregnant Servicewomen


COMNAVRESFORINST 6000.1D - Guidance on Pregnant Sailors in the Navy Reserve


       BUMEDINST 6000.14A - Support of Servicewomen with Nursing Infants 



MILPERSMAN 1740-020 - Information Concerning Pregnant Members



  MILPERSMAN 1740-030 - Maternity Care Available Before and After Separation



  MILPERSMAN 1910-112 - Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government- Pregnancy



  MILPERSMAN 1910-124 - Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government - Parenthood



  MILPERSMAN 1920-180 - Separation of Officers at the Convenience of the Government on the Basis of Pregnancy/Childbirth



       MILPERSMAN 1754-030 - Support of Family Members (Child Support)


  NAVADMIN 256/08 - Guidelines Concerning Pregnancy and Parenthood Instruction Supplement


Family Care Plan


  OPNAVINST 1740.4D - Navy Family Care Policy


Women's Uniform Regulations


New Khaki Maternity Blouse


Female Officer Uniform Regulations 


Female Chief Uniform Regulations 


Female Enlisted Uniform Regulations 


Women's Navy Uniform Sizing Chart 


Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Female Poster 


Navy Service Uniform (SU) E1-E6 Female Poster 


Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Maternity Poster 


Maternity Uniforms (Special Uniform Situations)



Khaki Overblouse for Female Officers and CPOs



Cosmetic Policy Update


Wear of a Purse / Handbag while in Uniform 


Grooming Standards (e.g. hair, nails, make-up, jewelry, etc.)


Hair Regulations (during PT)


POC:  LT Heidi Boettger ( / 703-604-5076)