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TFMMS and TMMCA Reference Materials

The Total Force Manpower Requirements Handbook can be obtained from your Manpower BSO.  If you do not have a Manpower BSO or cannot access the handbook from your Manpower BSO, you can contact CO NAVMAC, Code 20.
Manpower Documents  
OPNAV Instruction 1000.16 
Manual of Navy Total Force Manpower Policies and Procedures (OPNAV Instruction 1000.16), and related OPNAV and SECNAV 
Language Id Crosswalks & Names 
Digraph to trigraph, trigraph to digraph crosswalks, and language names. 
Activity Manpower Management Guide (AMM-G) 
Navy Enlisted Classification document. 
Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classification 
Data Dictionary  
TFMMS Data Dictionary  
The Total Force Manpower Management System (TFMMS) Data Dictionary is available for the Billet process.