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The Production Management Office (PMO) is the Navy's reclassification authority.

  • Reclassification is defined as an administrative change in rating path for recruits at Recruit Training Command (RTC) and those Sailors who have graduated from RTC but are subsequently disenrolled from initial skills training prior to their first Fleet assignment.
  • Established in 2007 to integrate training quota management, reclassification, and apprentice Sailor production, with a focus on the Navy Enlisted accession supply chain.
  • Performs planning, execution, and policy drafting for the reclassification program.
  • PMO works in tandem with eight Navy Classifiers across RTC and two post-RTC regional reclassification sites (PSD Great Lakes and PSD Pensacola).
  • Weekly reclassification quotas are determined based on available training quotas and rating vacancy.¬† PMO communicates reclassification quotas to Navy Classifiers weekly via Fleet RIDE and Weekly PMO Reclassification Matrix (WPRM).
  • Navy Classifiers perform reclassifications IAW OPNAVINST 1220.2, MPM 1236-020, and PMO reclassification guidance.