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Welcome to the BUPERS Total Force

Human Resource Office

The Human Resource Office advises and assists CHNAVPERS/DEPCHNAVPERS on all matters relating to "Total Force" Human Resources (HR) program/policy development, implementation, assessment, and evaluation for BUPERS headquarters and field activities.  Plans, develops, evaluates and processes all actions impacting "Total Force" (HR) throughout the BUPERS claimancy.  Ensures (HR) policies and practices support BUPERS mission, (HR) strategy, long range plans and objectives and strategic goals.

BUPERS 05 will publish a bi-monthly newsletter to cover Human Resources, Manpower, Organization and Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity initiatives that impact our workforce.  We hope you find this newsletter beneficial.  If you have suggestions for future issues or would like to see certain topics featured, please submit your feedback to Ms. Michell Howard at


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