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Interim Performance Management System

The Department of the Navy (DON) has developed an Interim Performance Management System (IPMS) for positions that transitioned from National Security Personnel System (NSPS) to the General Schedule (GS).

This is a two-tiered system with the only possible rating being either Acceptable or Unacceptable.

The FY12 appraisal period began 1 October 2011 for employees in positions covered by the Interim Performance Management System.  Performance plans must be approved by 30 October 2011. 

For the FY12 appraisal period, the DON Performance Appraisal form must be used for the creation of performance plans and the evaluation of performance at all steps in the performance management cycle.  This is the only form that can be used for the FY12 appraisal period.  If you need assistance in completing the form, a user manual has been provided for you use.

FY 12 User Manual


FY12 Form



For more detailed information, please see the BUPERS IPMS Instruction 12430.3 .