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     NAVADMIN 156/12 (FY12 Revisions to SWO CSRB and SWOCP Programs)

The former SWOCP program (providing a $50K incentive) and the existing Junior CSRB program (providing a $25K incentive) are now combined into a revised Junior CSRB.  The revised Junior CSRB provides a $75K incentive for service between 6YCS and the completion of 10YCS or two DH tours (or one Fleet-Up DH tour as defined by PERS-41), whichever occurs later.

  -  Qualified and serving as a SWO (111X), and assigned to PERS-41 for detailing
  -  Permanently appointed LT
  -  Completed two Divo tours or single-longer tour as assigned by PERS-41
  -  Administratively screened for SWO DH
  -  Agree to complete two afloat DH tours or single longer tour as assigned by 
  -  Not completed more than 25 years of active duty, and will not complete 25 years
     of active duty before the end of a revised Junior CSRB contract.  This provision is
     subject to subsequent legislative action.
  -  Sea duty assignable as defined by BUMEDINST 1300.2
APPLICATION PERIOD:  Commences upon successful screening for SWO DH, concludes at YCS-8.
  - To receive the full $75K, an officer must apply between screening for DH and YCS-6.
  - Annual payments are sequentially lost if the contract is accepted after YCS-6.
  - Revised Junior CSRB acceptance must occur prior to YCS-8 in order to receive and
    monetary payment.

  -  $10K upon meeting all eligibility criteria
  -  $10K on the YCS-6 anniversary
  -  $10K on the YCS-7 anniversary
  -  $15K on the YCS-8 anniversary
  -  $15K on the YCS-9 anniversary
  -  $15K on the YCS-10 anniversary

OBLIGATION: Completion of YCS-10 or completion of two DH tours (or one Fleet-Up DH tour as defined by PERS-41), whichever occurs later.   

      Submit an application

All applications are screened and approved by PERS-41.  The effective date of a Revised Junior CSRB agreement will be the date the agreement is signed by PERS-41.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All applications MUST be received prior to YCS 8 anniversary.

Preferred method for submission is to scan and email to us.  Send the email to your "Divo Detailer", not the 1st-Tour DH Detailer.  The detailers will ensure it is processed and will be able to view it in your record.

If you submit via email, DO NOT submit a snail mail duplicate hardcopy; your e-submitted application will be processed the same way as one with original signatures.

If you need to submit via mail:
Department of the Navy
Navy Personnel Command
PERS-41/Junior CSRB
MILLINGTON, TN 38055-4100



NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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