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Welcome Department Heads!

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Due to PII concerns, we are unable to post slate results.

Are you interested in applying for Early (PC or MCM) Command
LT and LCDR Command Screening Boards now convene semi-annually and coincide with 
the SWO(N) ARO and Department Head boards (APR15/SEP14).  Early Command is slated  
with the 2nd Tour DH slate.  Contact the 2nd Tour Department Head Detailer with any 
      Early Command Screening Message 

How does the Post-DH slating process work?
     Post-DH Detailing
SWO Critical Skills Bonus 
SWO Critical Skills Bonus (SWOCS) agreements will be made available to all eligible SWO LCDRs.  The program is designed to be an incentive, paying an eligible SWO LCDR up to 46,000 dollars to stay in the navy, and SWO community, through the fifteenth year of commissioned service (YCS).       
      How to apply

Click the "Battle Admin" link on the navigation pane to the left for info on:
Commonly Requested Templates           LIMDU
           Record Management / Updates             OHARP/SEMINAR
AQDs                                               Official Photo

Click the "Career Info" link on the navigation pane to the left for info on:
           Career Timing                                    Graduate Education
           SWO Career Planner                           Selection Boards
           Lateral Transfer                                 Flag Aide 
           Interservice Transfer                          Resignation
           IA/GSA                                            Tour Lengths
           JPME                                               Co-location        

Are you interested in coming back on active duty as a department head?  View our Reserve Recall page for information.