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Subspecialty Codes


Subspecialty codes identify officers who have advanced education, functional training and/or significant experience in a particular area of expertise.

Billets also can be coded for fill by officers with matching subspecialty codes. Therefore, subspecialty codes provide officers the opportunity to utilize the skills they have acquired through education and/or experience whil also providing commands a path to finding officers with the desired skills.

Subspecs 2000 and above are of value to the URL community, particularly the following series:

2000 National Security Studies
3000 Resource Management and Analysis
5000 Engineering
6000 Operations

The suffix of the subspecialty code denotes the level of education and/or experience gained by the individual. Most common are:

S - one experience tour
R - multiple experience tours (proven experience subspecialty)
P - masters degree
Q - masters degree with experience (proven education subspecialty)

High priority is placed on the following codes:

3110 - Financial Management
3210 - Operations Research Analysis