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For our new LDOs, we sincerely welcome you to the finest community in the Navy. Your selection marks a significant milestone in your career. You will be accepting increased  responsibility and enjoying greater confidence in your skills and abilities. We here in Millington wish you all the best in this new phase of your Naval Career.


Detailer Travel Schedule​ ​ ​
​March 19 ​Charleston, SC
20​-21 ​King's Bay, GA
​22 ​Port Canaveral
April​ 9-10 Washington DC (6200 New Accession Interviews)
​TBD ​​Groton, CT /Ballston Spa, NY / Portsmouth, NH
​May TBD​ Norfolk, VA / Washington DC​
​June 4-8 Bangor, WA​
​TBD ​San Diego, CA


Priority fills (NEXT 12 MONTHS)​ ​ ​

​Updated 3/8/18

PERS 422 Detailer Notes (Updated 9/6/17):

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes with respect to Submarine/Nuclear LDOs.  We in the Detailing community thought it best if we took a moment to provide our constituents with a snapshot of changes that have been made, and initiatives in progress.

  1. Personnel Changes: There are significant personnel changes that will positively impact service to our constituency:
    • First, CAPT (Sel) Ed Callahan has relieved as the LDO/CWO OCM at BUPERS 319.  CAPT (Sel) Callahan is coming off a highly successful tour as the USS FRANK CABLE XO.
    • Next, CDR David Etheridge has relieved CDR Chuck Jones as the Nuclear LDO OCM at OPNAV N133.  CDR Jones has had an extended tour in Washington DC, and made countless lasting changes to the Nuclear LDO community that cannot be understated. CDR Jones is back in the Pacific Northwest serving as the CVN 68 Chief Engineer.  This is the pinnacle assignment for Nuclear LDOs, and we wish him the greatest success and know he will absolutely knock it out of the park!
    • Within PERS 42, we have added an additional member to the detailing staff, and reorganized Submarine LDO detailing responsibilities.
      • LT Mike Dahlgren has joined our team, having recently served as USS SEAWOLF (SSN 21) EDSRA Coordinator. He has assumed detailing responsibilities for Nuclear LDOs & CWOs, LCDR and below. 
      • LCDR Sammie Green will continue to distribute the non-nuclear Submarine designators (6230, 6260, 6280, 6290, 7201, and the new 7280 designator). 
  2. Acoustic  Warrant Officers:  This year the plan is to commission four 7280 Acoustic Warrant Officers.  What a Great Opportunity for our ST’s to have a commissioning program that really relates to their skill-set.  This program provides a deliberate means of identifying and commissioning technically proficient Sailors to provide superior acoustic analytical support to Fleet and Task Force Commanders, primarily via the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS).  A NAVADMIN should be out shortly describing the details of this program.  LCDR Green will detail the 7280 community.
  3. Career Management: As a constituent, when you contact the Detailer to negotiate your next assignment, our #1 priority is to manage your career to get you through the next career milestone, and to make you as competitive as possible for your next promotion board. You should expect to have this discussion with your Detailer, and if you are unsure of your status—call! We have received feedback from many of our constituents who spend 30-45 minutes on the phone with the Detailer to learn the specifics of their career path and promotion competitiveness, and found the conversation to be one of the most rewarding and enlightening discussions they have had. We can’t provide guidance and mentoring unless you contact us.
  4. Submarine LDO Designator Billet Restructuring Efforts: We have been working with leadership to execute billet restructuring changes that will provide lasting healthy designators. These efforts include a complete restructure of the Submarine Ordnance (6260) LDO designator, which will provide vast improvements to their health, accessions, and promotions.  We are continuing to work with the 6230, 6280 and 6290 leadership to improve their designator health.
  5. Tender XO Assignments: Submarine Tender XO assignments have shifted from 12-month to 24-month assignments.  To maintain throughput, we are adjusting the tour lengths and PRDs over the next couple of years, with the goal of alternating XO turnover each year. Notionally, the rotation schedule of the Tenders would align as follows: 
                                                      AS 39        AS 40
                                             XO1: PRD 1809   XO1: PRD 1906
                                             XO2: PRD 2007   XO2: PRD 2108
                                             XO3: PRD 2207   XO3: PRD 2308
  6. Service Record Photos: Although NAVADMIN 186/16 eliminated the requirement to display officer photographs at selection boards, MILPERSMAN Article 1070-180 still requires officer photographs to be maintained in the official service record.  As part of the detailing process, there are many nominative assignments which require a photograph to be submitted as part of the nomination package.  The absence of the photo delays processing the constituent for their next assignment. The point of contact (POC) for photo submission to Official Military Personnel File is Records Management and Policy (PERS-313) at (901) 874-3407/DSN 882.
  7. Revision of Competitive Categories: This initiative was in staffing for a number of years, and is now approved by CNP.  The significant amount of study and analysis involved in implementing this initiative cannot be understated.  Under this plan, Submarine and Nuclear Power LDOs and CWOs would be grouped into their own separate competitive group for fitness reports and promotions.  Promotions in the control grades (CWO4/5 and O-4 through O-6) will be based on the community needs.  All projections made using this method have shown minimal effect on promotion rates and flow points.  The implementation timeline will begin with new competitive categories Fitness Report beginning in FY18, and promotions in FY21.
  8. CVN Chief Engineer Billets Rolling Up to the Grade of Captain: As part of the Revision of Competitive Categories Initiative, we are re-balancing some billets which will result in rolling up five of the seven 6200 CVN CHENG billets from the grade of CDR to CAPT.  This should not change distribution of Nuclear LDOs but will strengthen promotion opportunity across the Submarine and Nuclear Power enterprise.
  9. PCU  Submarine Assignments (Nuclear LDOs): There have been sweeping changes made to these assignments.  We will continue to distribute four Nuclear LDOs to PCU submarines; however, three of the four officers are no longer required to have the SV1 AQDs (prior submarine enlisted), providing an opportunity for nuclear LDOs sourced from  CVNs to serve on a submarine. All assigned officers will receive SUBPAY during this assignment. Additionally, these assignments are now 24 months in length, are not tied to construction or testing milestones, and we are no longer required to have a PSA Coordinator.
  10. Fleet Nuclear LDO Distributable Inventory: We continue to suffer from multiple years of past under-accessions which are aging through the Lieutenant and into the LCDR ranks. Today, we have a -39% Fleet LDO LT inventory deficit. Looking forward, our biggest strain will be to fill the LCDR billets.  Between FY21 through FY24, all spot-promote eligible LTs will be needed to fill LCDR assignments. To help mitigate this issue, we will be looking for strong performing LTs to step up and fill spot-promote LCDR assignments.  Keep your career on track and stay competitive.
  11. Increased Nuclear LDO Accessions: Beginning with this year’s (FY19) Nuclear LDO In-Service Procurement Board (ISPB), we will be increasing our annual accessions from 36 to 42 to address the inventory shortage we are experiencing.  It will take some time for this increase to improve our Fleet inventory but help is on the way.  With increased accession numbers, we need more applications to maintain selectivity.  Get out there and recruit our future LDOs!
  12. CVN CRA Billets:  These billets have been rolled up from the grade of LT to LCDR and will be included on the FY18 Spot Billet List in 4th quarter 2017.  Eligible personnel currently serving in or under orders to these billets should review the requirements on the Spot Promotion Site and coordinate with the detailer to ensure your packages are ready for the first available spot board.
  13. New Nuclear LDO In Service Procurement Board: NAVADMIN 177/017 announced a new process for the Nuclear LDO ISPB beginning this year.  The goal is to increase the number of applications to maintain/increase selectivity as we increase accessions, reduce the administrative burden on applicants, and inject more nuclear experience in the board selection process.  Any applications already submitted do not need to be re-submitted to meet the new process requirements.  We realize that this is a major change to the way we’ve always done business.  With the removal of the interview and appraisal boards, it is going to require the support LDOs in the Fleet to become even more involved in the application process at each command. Highlights include:
    • Removal of conditional release, interview and appraisal board, color vision test, and personal statement requirements.
    • Reduced pages of Application Form (only 1, 2, 6 and 10 required).
    • Applications pre-screened by Naval Reactors.
    • Separate board held in conjunction with the Submarine Major Command board in November with all nuclear-trained members.

Upcoming Board information

​14 - 17 NOV 17 (RESULTS) ​CO / XO Dry-dock Board (FY05 / FY09)
​​14 - 17 NOV 17 (RESULTS) ​Nuclear LDO In-Service Procurement Board
​FY19 Nuclear ISPB Precepts
​​FY19 Nuclear ISPB Discrete Requirements
10 - 26 JAN 18 (RESULTS) LDO/CWO In-Service Procurement Board
​17 - 26 JAN 18 Active Duty O6 Board
​13 - 23 FEB 18 ​Active O5 Board
​18 - 19 APR 18 ​3RD QTR Spot Promotion Board
​21 MAY - 1 JUN 18 ​Active O4 Board
​18 - 21 JUN 18 ​Active CWO 3/4/5 Board
​25 - 26 JUL 18 ​4TH QTR Spot Promotion Board



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