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The Reserve Supply Corps Officer Program Manager can be reached at (901) 874-4622/4621 or at            Contact Us

Community Update (1 September 2011)

- Reserve Supply Corps Direct Commission Officer (DCO) Program
  - Apply for a Direct Commission
  - CNRC Officer Programs Processing Instruction
  - Program Details
  - Program Authorization 
  - Competitive Profile
  - OPNAV Instruction
  - You've been selected as a DCO, now what?
  - JO APPLY Register & Browse
  - JO APPLY Application Process

Reserve NOBC Updates

- 3100 TO 3105
Are you a 3100 Supply Corps Officer considering the Navy Reserve?  Find out more...

- Reserve Supply Corps Officer Career Guide (Updated November 2011)
Service record updates, promotion and retirement information, much more.

      Find opportunities...

- Supply Corps Reserve Component 2040 Strategic Vision Study