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JQS E-JDA Discretionary Points 


Officers MAY NOT be awarded Discretionary Points for "Joint Training" or "Joint Exercises" while serving in a Standard Joint Duty Assignment (S-JDA, aka JDAL billet) or during any period for which the officer is awarded Experienced-Based Joint Duty Assignment (E-JDA, aka self-nomination) points.  Officers may be awarded Discretionary Points for approved "Joint Education" completed through distance learning while serving in an S-JDA, or during periods where E-JDA points are awarded.

Officers are now able to submit for JQS discretionary points.  Discretionary points are defined by the DoDI 1300.19 as "Points earned in excess of the minimum education and experience requirement through exercises, education other than JPME, collective joint training, or individual joint training."  Discretionary points may be derived from joint training, exercises, and other education which enhances an officer’s knowledge and understanding of joint matters.  A maximum of 6 points may be awarded for JQS level II and no more 12 total for JQS level III.  Only approved exercises after 11 September 2001 will be considered for discretionary credit.  The DoD Joint Qualification System Implementation Plan does not authorize the awarding of discretionary points for any course with a completion date prior to the plan's implementation date of 1 October 2007.  Moreover, only courses completed while the course is certified will be considered for discretionary credit.  The joint education, training and exercises must be on the U.S. Joint Forces Command (J7) approved list, within the specified timeframe; otherwise it will not be approved for discretionary points.  Moreover, for education, only the Joint Qualification Report covering the timeframe of course completion will be used for determining eligibility for discretionary credit.  See NAVADMIN 105/09, number six in the JQS NAVADMIN series.  The Approved Joint Education list also lists the point value for the course. Joint Exercise points are determined by participation level as follows:  Participant (1pt), Key Participant/Planner (2pts), Leader (3pts).  The levels are further defined as:

  • Participant - A person actively involved in an event capable of making positive contributions to the mission.
  • Planner - Serves as the focal point for an activity or organization. Empowered to speak on behalf of their organization and make commitments for specified support. There can be more than one.
  • Leader - Exercises formal authority and direction over significant organizational elements or major tasks.

Current and previous Joint Qualification Reports as well as the Approved Joint Excercise list may be viewed at the JOM - JQS Portal.

In order to receive discretionary points, officers are required to submit a completed Discretionary Points Worksheet to their respective component JQS Service Manager (see below for email address).  The submission should clearly state whether the officer is submitting for exercise, education or training credit.

Supporting documents must be provided to substantiate your request.  Examples include FITREPs, awards, Exercise Manning List, Course Completion Certificate, course roster, etc.  For exercises, the documentation should explicitly state the level of participation.  The joint education, training or exercise must be clearly indicated and highlighted in the respective support document.  Once verified and assigned, the points will be reflected in the "View Joint Officer History" link on the E-JDA Self Nomination website:


JQS (AC) Action Officer PERS 450
Com:  (901) 874-4133
DSN:  882–4217

Reserve Component JQS Service Manager
Com:  (901) 874-4371
DSN:  882-4371



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