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O3 - O5 NOSC Slating

All Naval Officers should aspire to become Commanding Officers. If you are interested in command of a Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC), visit the NOSC Command website. 

The slating process is based on individual preferences, career progression, and needs of the Navy. 

NOSC Command screened officers who are PRD eligible shall submit a ranked preference list.  The list must include at least 5 NOSCs for which the officer is pay grade eligibleFor example, O5s are eligible for CDR and LCDR/CDR NOSCs.  Junior officers may also include a limited number of commands one rank above their current pay grade.  You may insert one ranked bid for “Deferred/Future Slating” into your preference list.  Utilize this tool to indicate at what point your geographic preferences outweigh your desire for command.  Please note that your Defer bid does not preclude you from being slated to any of the remaining commands if the needs of the Navy come into play. 

CDR John Kruk
1.    Honolulu
    2.    Miami
    3.    Orlando
    4.    New Orleans
    5.    Lemoore

In the example above, CDR Kruk is telling the board that he would rather not be slated than to be given command of NOSCs #4 and 5.  Ultimately, the board's ability to honor a defer bid will be predicated on the number of applicants versus the number of commands to slate, i.e. 10 commands and 15 applicants means 5 officers may be deferred whereas 5 commands and 5 officers results in 0 deferred slates.

You are highly encouraged to provide amplifying remarks about each of your rankings and to discuss your list with your detailer.
Every effort will be made to honor your preferences.

Submit your slate preferences using the spreadsheet template provided on this website and submit via e-mail to the FTS Placement Officer at and your detailer.

If an officer chooses to decline command after screening, a formal declination of command is required IAW MPM 1301-818. 

NOSC PRDs will be set at 24 months.  However, PRDs are subject to change based on the officer’s career progression and the needs of the Navy. Expect a 1-3 month training track for the Naval Leadership and Ethics Course, NOSC CO Course, and the Naval Security Manager Course in addition to the 24 month CO assignment.  Prerequisites must be completed for all three courses prior to reporting to the courses.

Fill dates are projections and subject to change based on the incumbent Commanding Officer’s follow on orders and career milestones. *************************************************************************                                   Slating questions may be directed to the FTS Placement Officer at or by calling (901) 874-4158.  FTS officers may also contact their Detailers for questions regarding timing for NOSC command. 

NOTE:  Some documents and webpage links are not visible until you have logged into the private side of the NPC website.