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EOD Officer Detailing

Slates- No longer authorized to be posted on sight due to security reasons


  • Downstream Billets

The links below will connect you to spreadsheets that list EOD Officer discrete fills for the next few quarters.  EODMU 1st and 2nd Tour billets are not listed as these requirements change rapidly in response to deployment requirements.

How to Read these Tables 
The following information will assist you in reviewing the billet postings associated with each paygrade.

  • GSA Assignments (Green).   Listed at the top of the spreadsheet, they are top priority fills for PERS-416.
  • Hot Fills (Red).  Billets that are either gapped or close-in (w/in 6 months) without a relief identified.
  • Admin Screening Required (Yellow).  Billets that require selection for XO, CO, and Major Command.
  • Aquisition (Blue).  Billets that provide experience towards becoming an Aquisition Professional.
  • Proposed Fill (Grey).  Billets that have a relief assigned, but relief has not arrived on station.
  • IPRD.  The date by which the incumbant is scheduled to detach.
  • ASNAME.  Command Name.
  • BBTitle.  A brief job title.  Does not necessarily coincide with what the job the incumbant officer is performing.
  • AAUIC.  Unit Identification Code.
  • BBSC.  Billet Sequencing Code.
  • AHPORT.  Geographic location or homeport of the command.
  • TIMING.  Desired experience level of officer filling the billet.

EOD Officer Billet List (1140)


EOD Officer Billet List (6480/7480)