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Graduate Education

Welcome to PERS-440
Graduate Education and Training Placement

This branch is made up of three Placement Officers who place for various educational, recruiting and training claimants:







CDR White




LCDR Graham




LT Cavalcanti



Navy-sponsored graduate education programs are offered to commissioned officers at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), and/or at various civilian institutions throughout the country.  All graduate education requires to serve on active duty for three years upon completion or disenrollment of the assigned program.  Additionally, only one DOD funded graduate degree (to include distance learning) is permitted per officer unless required by a newly assessed community for follow-on assignment and progression.  Service College graduate degrees does not constitute funded graduate education and those officers retain graduate education eligibility.

At civilian institutions, administration of officer students in matters concerning education is exercised by the Superintendent of the Naval Postgraduate School through the Commanding Officers of NROTC Units or other supporting commands absent an NROTC Unit.

Information concerning advanced curricular programs is taken from applicable directives, the Catalogue of the Naval Postgraduate School, and from the catalogues of the civilian institutions concerned.  Students may receive undergraduate and/or graduate degrees provided they meet the requirements established by the institutions conducting the instruction. 

Naval Postgraduate School

Provides an outstanding opportunity to complete a graduate degree in variety of technical and non-technical programs.  All interested applicants should explore the NPS website to collect information on various curriculums.  After getting a detailer endorsement, applicants must complete the application process through the NPS website:

All interested applicants should contact their detailer prior to apply with NPS to discuss desired curriculum.  All NPS curriculum quotas are assigned by OPNAV to each community based needs of the Navy. As a result, the member's desired curriculum may not be offered for the member's community. 

Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA -308) Curriculum at NPS

Benefits of choosing this high-priority program crafted by VCNO & Fleet

  • Mix of Operations Research (OR) / Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Team Capstone Project in lieu of Thesis
  • Experience Trip to Industry Leaders
  • NPS built this curriculum with significant Fleet input to teach U.S. Navy Officers how the Navy builds and fights large combat systems.

Program Review Video link:

Distance Learning (DL)

NPS is dedicated to provide relevant, high quality education, anytime, and anywhere.  A variety of delivery methods are utilized to expand learning beyond the traditional classroom.  All Officers, especially URLs are encouraged to check the following link for more information:

Computing your Academic Profile Code (APC)
If you do not have a computed APC or you wish to have it changed contact the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey: (831) 656-3093/DSN 756. For initial calculations, applicants must submit an application via the NPS website.  All official transcripts should be submitted directly to NPS. You can click the following link for further information:  Grad School Information

Fellowship and Scholarship Programs

The Navy has a variety of selective fellowship programs open to officers. These fellowships no longer offer JPME phase I credit, however they do provide a unique opportunity for motivated, career oriented officers to represent the Navy as fellows in various civilian institutions, post graduate schools, businesses, or offices within the legislative branch of the government. Each fellowship is typically one year in length. Each scholarship and fellowship has a three times the length of the program service obligation.  For example, the typical one year program has a three year service commitment. 

Federal Executive Fellowship

Governing Instruction: OPNAVINST 1500.72G

Applications must be sent in letter format via the appropriate chain of command to PERS-440B NLT than COB of the day identified in the annual NAVADMIN. 

"Appropriate Chain of Command" simply means that the application package must be endorsed by the person who signs the applicant's Fitness Report.
Upon receipt PERS 440B will submit your application to the appropriate Detailer for statement on impact:

a) career progression,
b) needs of community impact,
c) current tour impact,
d) individual career impact,
e) PRD/relief concerns 

Please feel free to contact us with ANY questions.

Research Proposal Oxford Template

Academic Year 2016-2017 Announcement - NAVADMIN 159/15


SECDEF Corporate Fellowship

Governing Instruction: OPNAVINST 1500.72G

Two officers will be selected annually to be assigned to a participating U.S. Corporation for one year beginning in July.

Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellows initially meet with the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense to set their agenda and then at least quarterly with the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Under Secretaries of Defense to report on progress. Upon completion, they report to Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretaries of Defense, the Secretaries of the Military Departments and the Service Chiefs to brief their work, insights gained on operational and organizational changes and analysis of how these changes might influence DOD operations.

For specific questions concerning the management of the Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellowship Program and details of fellow’s activities should be directed to the Director of the Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellowship Program, contact LT Eaves.

Legislative Fellowship

Governing Instruction: BUPERSINST 1560.21E

The Navy Legislative Fellows (LEGIS Fellows) program provides an annual opportunity for Naval Officers to broaden their experience and knowledge in operations and organization of Congress while enhancing the Navy’s ability to fulfill its roll in the national policy development process.

For more information please see the Navy Legislative Fellowship page.

Olmsted Scholarship

Governing Instruction: OPNAVINST 1520.23C

Allows junior officers to study at an overseas university funded by the Olmstead Foundation.  Navy-wide selection board held each October.  Depending on study location, selectees may attend Defense Language Institute (DLI) followed by graduate studies abroad. Visit the Olmsted Foundation website for more information and review current NAVADMIN.

Officers that participate in this program are obligated to serve on active duty for three times the number of months overseas.  In other words, if an officer spends 24 months OCONUS, that officer will serve for 72 months upon completion or disenrollment. 

For specific questions concerning the management of the Olmsted Scholarship Program and details of student activities contact us.

FY-17 Announcement NAVADMIN 064/15

Pol-Mil Masters Programs

Governing Instruction: OPNAVINST 1500.72G

Mix of one and two-year programs at the following Universities: California, Chicago, Georgetown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, New York, Stanford, and Tufts.  Navy-wide selection board held each October.  Officers selected must apply to one of the approved universities following selection notification.  Selectees must apply to a program length based on the NAVADMIN selection message (I.E. if selected for a two-year program, members must apply for a two year program). Officers must be accepted to one of approved schools in order to participate.

Specific questions concerning the management of the Political Military Masters  Program and details of student activities should be directed LT Jack Eaves at  

Academic Year 2016-2017 Announcement - NAVADMIN 152/15

Joint Schools/Service Colleges   

According to the FY05 National Defense Authorization Act, joint military education must be completed in order.  Waivers for attending JPME Phase II without having first completed JPME Phase I are on a strict case by case basis and will most likely be denied.  Waiver requests must be submitted through your detailer.  Begin your joint education as soon as possible.  You may enroll through distance learning at the Naval War College as an 03 or other junior service colleges as an O4.  Completion of Phase I is now a requirement for assuming URL O5 command.

Permanent Military Professor

Governing Instruction: OPNAVINST 1520.40B

Provides CDRs and CDR(S)s the opportunity to earn a PHD in a selected discipline with follow-on assignment to NPS, Naval War College, or USNA.  For the board specifics and questions, contact CDR White.

USNA's PMP Website

Junior Permanent Military Professor

Governing Instruction: OPNAVINST 1520.40B

Provides LCDRs the opportunity to earn a Master’s in a selected discipline with follow-on assignment to USNA as faculty.  For the board specifics and questions, contact LT Cavalcanti.

USNA's JPMP Website

FY-17 JPMP Announcement - NAVADMIN 171/15

Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program

Provides graduate education and preparation for talented, highly qualified junior officers to serve as Company Officers at the United States Naval Academy (USNA).  Selected junior officers will complete a 45-credit degree program at George Washington University (GWU) in a one-year period with classes both at GWU and USNA.

USNA’s LEAD website

FY-16 LEAD Announcement - NAVADMIN 189/15

Graduate Education Plus teaching (GET) Program

Provides USNA with unrestricted line officers qualified to serve as teachers and role models in various academic disciplines. The program provides for one year of graduate education at a selected civilian institution in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area, followed by a two-year teaching assignment at USNA.

USNA’s GET website

FY-16 GET Announcement - NAVADMIN 217/15


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