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Navy Legislative Fellowship


The Navy Legislative Fellows (LEGIS Fellows) program provides an annual opportunity for Naval Officers to broaden their experience and knowledge in the operations and organization of Congress while enhancing the Navy’s ability to fulfill its role in the national policy development process. LEGIS Fellows also earn a Legislative AQD in their official record.

Prospective applicants should expect an interview at the Office of Legislative Affairs in the April time frame. Individuals selected for interviews should be prepared to discuss their offical Navy record.  Those living out of the DC area will conduct interviews via VTC.

The interviews last about 30 minutes. The board will be composed of captains and commanders representing the Office of Legislative Affairs various divisions (Senate, House, Programs, Legislation) and a representative from the financial office (FMB-E).

It is understandable that VTC may not be possible for those deployed. If so, please notify LCDR Natalia Henriquez and arrangements will be made to conduct the interview using a land line.

Eligibility criteria:
The LEGIS fellows program is limited to service college eligible URL/RL and Staff Corps officers in the permanent grades of LT, LCDR and CDR.   It is preferred that Lieutenants be selected for promotion to LCDR. Competition is keen, and the selection process will focus primarily on individual performance, promotion potential, academic and subspecialty qualifications, needs of the Navy, and availability for follow-on assignment.  Although not required, an appropriate subspecialty, related postgraduate education, and/or staff level experience is desired.


Although the program timeline may change from year to year, please refer to the current NAVADMIN which is released to provide the specifics of the application process and the timeline for the year.

Military applications due to PERS 440B;

Deadline for this years applications is COB 30 April 2014.

Interviews will be conducted at the Navy Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) in Washington D.C.. Point of contact (For questions concerning the interview process, please contact LCDR Natalia Henriquez at OLA,, (703) 697-2885 or DSN 227-2885.

Nominees will be proposed for SECNAV and DOD approval.

August - Navy Personnel Command will be responsible for notification of selectees after final approval.

November - Participants must be available to detach from their commands to report to OLA by the first week of November 2014 for orientation.

Assignment to the program is for 12 months with a follow on utilization tour of 1 to 2 years.  Assistance in placement for utilization will be handled by OLA.  In some cases an immediate utilization tour is not possible due to the specific requirements of community billets or needed officer progression.


The details of the application process are outlined in BUPERINST 1560.21E.

Submit applications in standard naval letter format addressed to the Commander Navy Personnel Command (PERS-440B) via the appropriate chain of command. Include the following items:

Nomination statement written by applicant outlining unique qualifications for selection (Please use standard naval letter format, with the letter addressed from the applicant, to the Commander Navy Personnel Command (PERS-440B) via their appropriate chain of command.)

Professional resume. See Curriculum Vitae

Biography (Format is up to individual, however, experience has shown that many applicants choose to use a running commentary/narrative format that one might be accustomed to hearing at a change of command ceremony.)

Signed privacy act release statement permitting access to Officer Summary Record and service record. (Privacy Act Statement at right)

DoD Form 1556 has been replaced by SF182. A signed SF182, documenting agreement to remain on active duty upon completion of the fellowship for a period of 3 years, is required.  Complete applications must be received at the Navy Personnel Command by COB on 30 April 2014. Receipt of a PDF emailed application package may act as a "place holder" for the original package, as long as the email is received before the application deadline.

Detailer Endorsement/Impact Statement.  A signed letter from the member's detailer is required prior to package submission.  Since this requirement often takes weeks to obtain, interested applicants are encouraged to contact their detailers as soon as possible and at least 30 days prior to the application deadline. 

PERS-440 will not coordinate/obtain detailer endorsements for members that fail to include one as part of their application submission.

If using the US Postal Service, applications should be mailed to:

MILLINGTON TN 38055-4400

If using an express delivery service use the following address:

Navy Personnel Command
BLDG 791, RM B114
5750 Commitment Loop
Millington, TN 38055-4400

Applications will be received by PERS-440B and then routed through individual community detailers and forwarded to OLA.

OLA is responsible for deciding who will be interviewed and arranging for all interview scheduling. Please direct all questions concerning interviews to OLA POC.

Program Requirements and Details:
Officers selected for the Legis Fellows program may not resign or retire while in the program, and will be required to agree in writing to serve on active duty for a period of three years following completion of the fellowship. This obligation is to be served concurrently with any other service obligation. Officers beginning their final tour of duty before retirement are not eligible. Joint professional military education (JPME) Phase I credit is no longer granted for completion of the Legis Fellows program. For administrative and fitness report purposes, nominees will be assigned to the Office of Legislative Affairs, Washington, D.C.

Specific questions concerning the management of this program and details of fellows activities should be directed to the program manager:

Navy Office of Legislative Affairs: (703) 697-5759 DSN 227-5759.

Specific questions concerning the duties, functions and assignment of officers to specific committees or congressmen may be directed to:

DON Civilians interested in the LEGIS fellows program should Contact the Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR) in order to obtain information on this program and to coordinate approval.  POC is Janet M. Evans at (202) 685-6493 or

Questions concerning the detailing and placement process of Legis Fellows should be directed to PERS-440B.


NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
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