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** The DEC-13 Zone Impact list is out but due to OPSEC it is no longer allowed to be posted online. If you have any questions please talk to your chain of command or call the detailers**

In all direct contact, please always include a good contact phone number so we may reach you.

Initial Detailer Contact

**As always remember to first notify your COC that you are going to contact the detailers.**

Our mission is to get you the orders you desire but let us explain the current landscape so we are in agreement on how we are going to get there.

With the current environment and the upcoming transition we have to be extremely smart about the "who, what, and where" in the job choice process.  We are striving to fulfill our responsibility as your advocate in this process.  That being said, here are some of the items we would like you to have thought about when you call or email us to begin the detailing process:

One:  You must have a grasp of your priorities.  What is most important to you?  Location?  Career enhancement?  Flying possibilities?  These are all factors in where we can get you heading for follow on jobs.  Location can be limitless so try to narrow down different commands at locations you are interested in.  The big focus needs to be continuing to set you up for the next promotion milestone.  Getting tough jobs where you can compete against large numbers, and break out is the number one thing you can do to continually improve your record.  Flying opportunities can be very difficult to get. You must realize that we will always do our best to get you flying orders but if we can't there are other great opportunities out there.

Two: Talk to your command so you can have an idea of when they are going to be able to let you transfer.  Obviously you have your PRD to start from, but your Skipper and XO will have a plan if they can afford to roll you early or if they will need you to help out beyond your PRD.  However, extensions as a rule are very hard to get if possible at all.

Three:  Remove any detailer stigmas that you may have from your thoughts.  As stated above, we work for you.  We will work to the best of our abilities to get the job you want.  We are charged with balancing this with the needs of the Navy and keeping you on track to your next career milestone.  Keep your wishes logical and within reason, and contact us initially around 12 months prior to your PRD.  Giving us all the information about your situation is, without a doubt, the best way to get orders that you are happy with.

Four:  CVN tours continue to be a strong focus for us for disassociated sea duty.  You should first consider a CVN for your second sea tour or beyond.

We are all eager to enter the new era of the MPRA community especially with the transition at hand to the P-8.  We must all remember first and foremost we are Naval Officers charged with providing the premier Anti-Submarine Warfare and ISR globally, at a moment's notice, regardless if that is from a P-3, Triton, or a P-8.  We are doing our best at the Bureau to set our community up for success throughout the transition.  We will have two airframes during transition but remember that we are still one community.
You are all doing a wonderful job of executing our mission when called.  We, in turn, will do our  best to do a wonderful job of executing our mission when YOU call.  Please be patient as we deal with numerous emails and phone calls a day.  Keep calling or writing and we will address your concerns. 

VP Detailers

VP Sea Assignments: LCDR Michael Hartmann
DSN 882-3951, COMM (901) 874-3951
Fax x-2721

VP Shore Assignments: LCDR Branden Woods
DSN 882-3952, COMM (901) 874-3952
Fax x-2721

Please note: Phone numbers are subject to shift back and forth due to changes in personnel.  If you try one number and it's the wrong one, try the other one.

Mailing address
Navy Personnel Command
PERS-432? (Enter appropriate letter here)
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN  38055-4320