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 Welcome to the Helicopter Community Webpage

O-5 Detailer
DSN 882-3972, COMM (901) 874-3972

Initial Shore Detailer: First JO shore tours
LT Carolyn Peterson, PERS-432D
DSN 882-3950, COMM (901) 874-3950

Sea Detailer: O-3/O-4 Disassociated sea tours
LCDR Kelly Harrison, PERS-432H
DSN 882-3954, COMM (901) 874-3954

Shore Detailer: Pre- and Post-DH shore tours
LCDR Kyle Leslie, PERS-432Q
DSN 882-3970, COMM (901) 874-3970

Mailing address
Navy Personnel Command
PERS-432D/H/Q or PERS-431B
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN  38055-4320

DSN 882-2721, COMM (901) 874-2721

Welcome to the Helicopter Assignments page.  We are continually looking for ways to get more career information out to the Fleet.  Please take some time to review the different links to the right.

** (FY-16 Aviation Command Screen Board Eligibles) Please ensure your detailer has a copy of your Command Qual Letter by 31DEC14. Later submissions will also need to be sent in as Board Correspondence to ensure receipt for the board. **

We welcome Fleet feedback to ensure that we are providing you the best support and career guidance possible.

Very respectfully,

LCDR Kelly Harrison, LCDR Kyle Leslie and LT Carolyn Peterson