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Naval Special Warfare (NSW) - SEAL OCM
Special Warfare insignia, also known as the “SEAL Trident”; Special Warfare Boat insignia, alos known as the "SWCC Pin"

Welcome to BUPERS 311D/N131H .... Home of Navy SEALs!

The Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Branch Head for officer assignments and placement is PERS-415. He is responsible for detailing the ranks of Chief Warrant Officer through Commander.  He also serves as the placement officer for all NSW units, most notably the SEAL Teams and Special Boat Teams.

The Officer Community Manager is BUPERS 311D/N131H. The mission of the Officer Community Manager is:

  • To develop and issue military personnel plans and policies.
  • Manage and budget for NSW and Navy Special Pays and Bonuses (dive, demo, jump, CSRB, AIP, and OCP). 
  • Monitor Health of Navy Special Warfare Officer Community.
  • To plan and develop the SEAL officer career path.
  • Administer NSW Administrative Boards for accessions to the NSW Community.
  • Develop Officer educational opportunities.
  • Manage the Chief Warrant Officer Accessions Bonus program.
  • Manage Officer CSRB and OCP bonus programs.
  • Assist with Navy promotion plans.
  • Assist with the development of solutions for SEAL recruiting.
  • Monitor and budget for pay and incentives that affect NSW personnel. See latest incentives and initiatives.

SEAL Officers update your record before the next board. See latest Statutory Promotion Board Schedule.

 SEAL Officer Selection Information