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Interservice Transfer 

A board of active duty Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) officers selects a very limited number of officers from the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for re-designation as 1180 and follow-on SEAL training.  The competition for the limited quotas available is extremely competitive.  Ensure you work with your current command and the SEAL Officer Community Manager (OCM) to ensure your package is complete and received by the OCM.

The inter-service transfer process is detailed and differs for every service.  Once your package is complete submit it to your service chain-of-command for approval.  At the same time, send a copy of your application package to the SEAL OCM.  This is to ensure that a delayed staffing process does not preclude the board from evaluating your application.  If you are selected for an inter-service transfer by the SEAL board, final selection is not official until the losing service and gaining service approve the transfer.  It is your responsibility to ensure the application is routed through the appropriate chains-of-command for the losing service and the Navy.

There may be instances where you find conflicting information in the below documents.  Contact the OCM if conflicting information affects the submission of your application package.  As a general rule, trust approved Navy instructions, not web content.

Important dates

01 March: Packages due to

**Please encrypt any e-mails containing PII and ensure compliance of your command's PII guidance.  If you do choose to send unencrypted e-mails containing your PII understand the risk involved.  **

• See ImportantDates
• September: Selectees notified through their service chain-of-command, but final transfer requires the concurrence by both the losing and gaining services.

Specific inter-service transfer eligibility requirements

• O-1 or O-2 at package submission date: more senior officers do not have the ability to complete career milestones based on seniority.
• Must be on permanent active duty throughout the selection and transfer process.

Requirements Overview

• SECNAVINST 1000.7F - Interservice Transfer of Commissioned Officers
• NAVMILPERSMAN 1300-082 - Interservice Transfer of an Officer into the Navy
• MILPERSMAN 1210-220

Service Directives

Air Force
Marine Corps
Coast Guard
Public Health Service

Steps to Complete the Application Package

1. Application Letter for Inter-service Transfer to NSW: example.

2. Commanding Officer’s Inter-service Transfer Endorsement Letter (conditional release from parent service): example.

3. Report of Applicant Screening: example. The Physical Screening Test (PST) and pressure test is recorded on this form by a SEAL officer or officer at your command.

4. Source of original commission—document verifying commission (various forms used by services) or appointment order.

5. Copy of master personnel record.

6. Personal Motivation Statement: up to a one page essay (500 words) on why you want to be a SEAL officer.  Beyond this general guidance, the essay is your chance to highlight your strengths, accomplishments, and experiences that enhance your application.  It is recommended that you include athletic endeavors, specifically collegial sports played and leadership positions held, along with language expertise and cultural experiences.

7. Statement of Understanding: example.

8. Photograph: a color photo of the applicant in uniform—with or without cover and either full or 3/4 length—is optional, although strongly encouraged.  Attach photo to the provided form and fill out blocks 1 through 6.

9. Resume or Curriculum Vitae is recommended but not mandatory.  There is no specific format required.  Include accurate contact information.

10. DD2807: medical history.

11. DD2808: medical exam stamped PQ for diving duty. 

12. No more than a total of (3) Letters of Recommendation (LOR) and Interview Appraisal Sheets are desired by the selection panel.  See guidance below.

13. Official college transcript.

Physical Screening Test

• PST Requirements: 1220-410.
• Additional information on requirements.

Medical Requirements

MANMED P-117 Chapter 15, Section 105 – eye requirements on pages 32 and 91.

*Visit FAQs page for specific guidance on preoperative refraction error*

**Letters of Recommendation/Interview Appraisal Sheets**

SEAL Officer interviews (Interview Appraisal Sheets) are no longer recommended to be part of the application for Unrestricted Line (URL) Lateral Transfer, Interservice Transfer, or NROTC candidates.  SEAL Officer candidates in these categories should all have the opportunity to interview in person in front of the SEAL Officer selection panel.

SEAL OCM and others will no longer coordinate interviews for candidates in the above categories.  SEAL OCM still encourages and will assist in the coordination of interviews for OCS and Restricted Line (RL) Lateral Transfer candidates if desired, as these candidates have a slightly different process for consideration. An interview appraisal sheet can be found here.

LORs should not solely be character references.  These should be used as a tool to highlight your accomplishments, experiences, and leadership potential. 

There is not a required format for LOR.  Adress all LORs to "President, SEAL Officer Selction Panel". Direct questions and mail completed packages to SEAL Officer Community Manager, in accordance with the guidance for package submission.



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