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Active Duty Reserve Officer Recall (MPN) 

*** BOL is currently down for unscheduled maintenance, applications may be submitted without an ASOSH if BOL does not come back online prior to the application due date.***


FY15 MPN Recall Opportunities

All received FY15 MPN Recall applications are being vetted through the approval/disapproval process and once a decision is made on each recall request, the requesting officers will be notified by letter as to whether they have been approved or disapproved for an FY15 MPN-funded recall.

MPN Reserve Recall Opportunities are advertised and distributed through the RESFOR Gov-Delivery email distribution system, and/or advertised through active duty communities/enterprises internal channels. Applications for FY15 Recalls will only be accepted in response to these advertised opportunities and will be accepted once the opportunities are advertised. 


Applying for a Recall

Recall opportunities are posted to the right side of this webpage with many also be advertised through the Navy Reserve Listserve email distribution system as well as advertised through specific acitve duty communities/enterprises. Reserve officers interested in applying for an MPN Recall are asked to do so in response to an advertised recall opportunity, vice submitting the application aside from advertised recall opportunities.

 When applying for an MPN Reserve Recall, please include the following:

1) MPN Recall Application
2) NAVPERS form 1331/5
3) Annual Statement of Service History (ASOSH) from BUPERS Online (BOL)
4) Cumulative Active Duty Service Statement (Enclosure (1) from SECNAVINST 1800.2)
5) Last (4) Fitness Reports (fronts and backs)
6) Pertinent Quals/Training (optional)
7) Last PRT Results (from PRIMS)
8) Resume (military or civilian, optional)
9) Letters of Recommendation (optional)
10) Sanctuary Waiver Request (per SECNAVINST 1800.2, only required if requesting a Definite/Temporary recall and only if expected to go over 16 years of total active duty service during the proposed recall)
11) Ecclesiastical Endorsement (Chaplain Corps applicants only)


Submitting Your Application and Program Point of  Contact 

                                           Definite Recall

Regular Mail: PERS-92 

Goetsch Hall

Attn: YN1 Shannon Murray

5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055-000


Phone: (901) 874-4456 DSN: 882-4456


                                        Indefinite Recall

Regular Mail: Bupers-3   

Ray Hall   Bldg  453                                   

Attn: CDR Jason McCoy/Mr. Raymond Stewart                                                      

5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055-000


Phone: (901) 874-3605; (901) 874-3765

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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