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Surface Deck/Admin/Supply

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PERS-405 Phone List

Pers 405 Contact List.pdf 



Boatswainsmate (BM) - train,direct, and supervise personnel in ship's maintenance and all activities relating to marlinspike, deck, boat seamanship, painting, upkeep of ship's external structure, rigging, deck equipment, and boats. BM's also operate and maintain equipment used in loading and unloading cargo, ammunition, fuel, and general stores.

Culinary Specialist (CS)- operate and manage Navy dining facilities and bachelor enlisted quarters. They are cooks and bakers in Navy dining facilities ashore and afloat, ordering, inspecting, and stowing food. They maintain food service and preparation spaces and equipment, and keep records of transactions and budgets for the food service in living quarters ashore. 

Legalman (LN)- are aids trained in the field of law. They work in Navy legal offices performing administrative and clerical tasks necessary to process claims, to conduct court and administrative hearings, and to maintain records, documents, and legal-reference libraries.

Master-At-Arms (MA)- help keep law and order aboard ship and shore stations. They enforce regulations, conduct investigations, take part in correctional and rehabilitative programs, and organize and train Sailors assigned to police duty.

Mass Communication Specialist  (MC)-write, produce, print, and broadcast journalism news and features stories for military and civilian newspapers, magazines, televisions and radio broadcast. They record still and video photography of military operations, exercies and all other Navy events.

Navy Counselor (NC)- offer career guidance to Navy personnel onboard ships and at shore facilities and to civilians who are considering enlistment in the Navy. They assess the interests, aptitudes, abilities, and personalities of individuals.

Personnel Specialist (PS)-provide enlisted personnel with information and counseling related to Navy occupations, opportunities for general education and job training, requirements for promotion, and rights and benefits. PS's maintain and audit pay, personnel records of military personnel, determine military pay and travel entitlements and deductions.

Quartermaster (QM)- responsible for ships safety, skillful navigation, and reliable communication with other vessels and shore stations. In addition, they maintain charts, navigational aids, and records for the ship's log. QM's stand watch and assist the navigator and officer of the deck.

Religious Program Specialist (RP)- assist Navy chaplains with administrative and budgetary tasks. They serve as custodians of chapel funds, keep religious documents, and maintain contact with religious and community agencies. They train personnel in religious programs and publicize religious activities.

Ships Servicemen (SH)- responsible for maintaining and operating all shipboard retail and service activities. These include ship's store, vending machine, barber shops, laundry and tailor shops. They play a large role in the morale of the ship.

Logistics Specialist (LS)- manage inventories of repair parts and general supplies that support ships, squadrons, and shore-based activities. They procure, receive, store, and issue material and repair components. They utilize financial accounting and database systems to perform inventory and financial management functions.

Yeoman (YN)- perform administrative and clerical work. YN's organize files and operate duplicating equipment, and they order and distribute supplies. They write and type business and social letters, notices, directives, forms, and reports as weel as maintain files and service records.



 PERS-405 Contact Listing

Desk Code Title       Commercial DSN       
P405            Branch Head (901) 874-3799 882-3799
P405CD Admin/Deck/Security RAO (901) 874-4870 882-4870
P405E/FD Supply RAO  (901) 874-3731 882-3731
P405EC Branch LCPO (901) 874-3730 882-3730
P405C1 Human Resource Asst. (Admin/Deck/Security/Supply) (901) 874-3598 882-3598
P405CD YN E7-E9 (YN Lead) (901) 874-3751 882-3751
P405CD1 YN E6-E5 Sea (901) 874-4917 882-4917
P405CD3 YN E1-E4, “A” School & E5Shore (901) 874-3733 882-3733
P405CE/1 PS E6-E9 (PS Lead) (901) 874-3749 882-3749
P405CE2 PS E5 & Below & A School (901) 874-3725 882-3725
P405CF MC  (901) 874-3689 882-3689
P405CF RP (901) 874-4677 882-4677
P405CG LN/NC (901) 874-3737 882-3737
P405DC BM E7-E9 and Harbor Pilots (BM Lead) (901) 874-3713 882-3713
P405DC1 BM E6 (901) 874-3740 882-3740
P405DC2 BM E5 (901) 874-3739 882-3739
P405DC3 BM (E1-E4) & “A” School (901) 874-3738 882-3738
P405DF MA E7-E9 (MA Lead) (901) 874-3730 882-3730
P405DF2 MA E6                                                                (901) 874-2431 882-2431
P405DF2 MA E5 / MWD / Kennel Master (901) 874-3709 882-3709
P405DF1 MA E5 Conversion (RC/AC) (901) 874-4637 882-4637
P405DF3 MA E1-4 & “A” School (901) 874-3711 882-3711
P405DF4 MA E1-4 & Conversions (901) 874-3828 882-3828
P405DE QM E6-E9 (QM Lead) (901) 874-3728 882-3728
P405DE1 QM E1-E5 & “A” School                                   (901) 874-3727 882-3727
P405EC CS E7-E9 (CS Lead) (901) 874-3741 882-3741
P405EC2 CS E6 (901) 874-3715 882-3715
P405EC3 CS E5 (901) 874-3716 882-3716
P405EC4 CS E4 & below & “A” School (901) 874-3717 882-3717
P405ED SH E6-E9 (SH Lead) (901) 874-3743 882-3743
P405RD2 SH E1-E5 “A & C” School (901) 874-3744 882-3744
P405FD LS E8-E9 (LS Lead) (901) 874-3724 882-3724
P405FC LS E7 (901) 874-3746 882-3722
P405FC1  LS E6 (901) 874-3722 882-3723
P405FC2 LS E5 Shore (901) 874-3721 882-3721
P405FD2 LS E5 Sea (901) 874-3723 882-3723
P405FC3 LS E1/E4 & below & “A” School (901) 874-3745 882-3745
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