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Greetings fellow RPs, 

I am RPCS(SW/AW/FMF) Terry Burrell, your RP E1-E9 Detailer.  Our rating is currently a balanced rating. 

Here is the Enlisted Distribution Process:

Enlisted Distribution  

Enlisted Detailers manage Navy enlisted distribution, personnel policy, training quota management and career progression for active and reserve enlisted personnel.   They are the Sailors’ advocate in the detailing process.

Enlisted Placement Management is the command representative in the detailing process and acts as the Manning Control Authorities’ agent.  They monitor deployment readiness by UIC, track distributable manning by rating, and set CMS/ID with MCA-directed priorities monthly.

Enlisted Community Managers (ECM) work in support of CNO, N1, and Navy Enterprises to provide accession, promotion, retention, and conversion plans while utilizing force shaping tools and special pays and incentive programs to meet the Navy's end-strength demand signals for individual ratings and the Navy aggregate.

The ECM’ page shows what RPs do, the requirements on becoming an RP, our Community Summary, and our Career Path. 

Sailors are expected to serve their complete sea or shore tours as assigned.  MILPERSMAN 1306-116 (PRESCRIBED SEA TOUR (PST) / NORMAL SHORE TOUR (NST)) and NAVADMIN 234/08 (SEA SHORE FLOW (SSF) ENLISTED CAREER PATH) states the policy governing tour lengths.

Once a Sailor commences his/her sea tour or shore tour, they are expected to complete the tour through their established Projected Rotation Date (PRD).   There are few exceptions to the rule to either shorten or extend your PRD.   Exceptions require an approved Enlisted Personnel Action Request (NAVPERS 1306/7) by your Commanding Officer and personal contact with the Detailer.

Current Sea/Shore Flow:
Tour                   Sea                   Shore
1st Tour             42 months        36 months
All other tours    36 months        36 months

Be proactive in your career and throughout your negotiation window.  NAVADMIN 226/12 is the governing NAVADMIN regarding the CMS/ID detailing process.  Paragraph 2D: "SINCE ALL BILLETS ADVERTISED ON CMS/ID WILL BE FILLED EACH MONTH, DETAILERS MAY BE REQUIRED TO SELECT A SAILOR WHO HAS NOT APPLIED FOR THE ASSIGNMENT OR IS EARLY IN THEIR NEGOTIATION WINDOW..."


Terry Burrell
RP Rating Detailer PERS 405CF
5720 Integrity Dr., Millington, TN 38055
DSN: 882-4677,  Comm: 901-874-4677
Fax:  882-2637, Comm: (901) 874-2637

5 Keys to Detailing process:
1. Talk to your Detailer.
2. Have an updated information in CMS-ID.
3. Always read the latest NAVADMINS.
4. Always apply up to 5 jobs in the CMS-ID.
5. Be flexible.

Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) Coordinators at Sea (3MC)
Are there no in-rate billets available for you at sea?   Are you a highly motivated leader and desire increased responsibility and challenge?   Do you desire an assignment to a specific geographical area?  Consider assignment as a 3MC.   Contact your detailer to determine your eligibility.   Remember – your detailer must release you to the 3MC Detailer before he (the 3MC Detailer) can discuss specific duty station assignments with you.   Check out the 3MC webpage for additional information.