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*** Harbor Patrol*** We need HIGHLY MOTIVATED Sailors to apply for HPU billets on CMS/ID! Ensure you meet all the prerequisites found on CANTRAC.

Master-at-Arms Community:

The Master-at-Arms rating will not be releasing Sailors to Shore Special Programs (i.e. RCD, Recruiting) until further notice.

This decision was based on our current manning requirements and  community's initiatives such as TYCOM establishment, Strategic Weapons Facilities,  and Carrier re-alignment.

We will continue evaluating our manning requirements and keep you updated if there are any changes or shifts in priority.  

NAVADMIN 203/14 affects you and your Sailors!

This NAVADMIN announces changes to the overseas screening process.

1.  Effective immediately, the new process will require the service member to complete the overseas screening process with service member's command and medical treatment facility (MTF) prior to the release of the service member's PCS orders.  In addition to making order release contingent on the completion of overseas screening, this new process requires that the screening/transferring command track and report completion/suitability of a member within a specified time frame.

2.  Once an enlisted service member is accepted by the Career Management  System/Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) for an overseas/remote CONUS  assignment, the command, the command's immediate superior-in-command and type  commander will be notified by Commander, Navy Personnel Command (NPC) (PERS- 4) via a letter of intent (LOI) to commence the overseas screening.  The LOI will require the screening to be completed within the timeframe.

3.  Official orders will not be released by NPC until final command notification has been received showing the member and dependent(s) (if applicable) are suitable for the overseas/remote CONUS assignment.

4.  Sailors without officially documented dependent(s) will be given 30-days from the day the transferring command receives the LOI to complete the screening process.  If the screening process is not completed and suitability determination is not reported by the transferring command within the time allotted, the proposed orders will be canceled, making the service member subject to needs of the Navy assignment without further negotiation.

Bottom line:

Once notification of selection to an overseas assignment is received, encourage your Sailors to complete the required forms without delay.

CMS Applications - Do not short yourself by applying for billets outside your current paygrade.  Pay substitution requires PERS-4013 (Enlisted Placement/Rating Specialist) and gaining command approval.  Continuing to apply for billets outside of your paygrade may result in lost opportunities for the Sailor.

Execute Orders as Written! - If your orders have an Intermediate-Stop (I-Stop), it serves a purpose. When Sailors take it upon themselves and "class up" before their reserved date as annotated, it causes a ripple effect in regards to funding. Given our tight fiscal situation, it's best we read and follow our orders thoroughly.

Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) – Bahamas - Due to insufficient housing accommodations at AUTEC, all military billets at AUTEC will be detailed as UNACCOMPANIED tours and will cease all future military dependents from moving to Andros. If you have any questions contact MAC(SW) Jose Ramirez.

EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) – Ensure your EFM status is updated every 3 years or 9 months before your PRD. This will ensure your detailer can accommodate your specific needs with minimal delay.

*** Commands should visit the Placement Management (PERS-4013) for questions regarding billets advertised on CMS/ID ***


Current Sea Shore Flow:

      Tour                         Sea                        Shore
    All  tours                36 months               36 months

ASVAB Requirements

AR + WK = 95
- AND -
WK cannot be less than 43

"A" School Information

     Location                                 Duration
Lackland, Texas                           45 days


Points of Contact

MACM Killinger - E7 to E9 Detailer
MAC Puello - E6 Detailer
MA1 Serrano - E5 and Conversion (RC/AC) Detailer
MA1 Widener - E1-E4 Detailer
MA1 Voyles - E1-E4 and MWD Detailer


NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
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