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***We are looking for motivated LS2's and LSCS's to return to sea via SDIP and E-4 to E-8 via VSDP ***

Please refer to Enlisted Detailing or email the LS Lead Detailer for additional information on this Sailorization billet.

Notes from the LS Detailing Team

• As of 4 March 2013, the LS rating in pay grades E-5 and E-8 are  eligible for the Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP) if extending beyond current Prescribed  Sea Tour (PST), completing back-to-back sea tours, or curtailing a shore tour to return to sea. To read all about SDIP go to NPC Web Page-Career   Info-Pay And Benefits-SDIP.
• * While SDIP provides monetary incentive to return or remain at sea, the Voluntary Sea Duty Program (VSDP) provides Sailors with an opportunity to   negotiate for a specific location if billets are available. Refer to NAVADMINs 229/12, 205/12, and 043/12 for information regarding VSDP.
• There are significant changes to CMS/ID and the process to how Sailors are selected for billets as advertised on CMS/ID. It is critical that you   understand the new selection process. Please see NAVADMIN 226/12 for further information.
• We have immediate openings for career enhancing billets for Recruit Divisions Commanders and recruiters. There are substantial monetary and other   benefits available for these Sailorization billets. Go to RDC and Recruiting for benefits and eligibility requirements.
• Sailors interested in applying for Instructor Duty billets as advertised on CMS/ID should review MILPERSMAN articles 1306-900 (Assignment of Enlisted  Personnel to Special Programs) and 1306-953 (Instructor Duty) for minimum eligibility requirements for assignment.
• There will be several changes to Fleet Ride PTS system. Refer to NAVADMIN 021/13 for changes.
• The Logistic Support (LS) rating is a new rating being established, effective October 1, 2009 by merging the Storekeeper (SK) and the Postal Clerk
 (PC) ratings. For details, see Navy Administrative Message 326/08. Aviation Storekeeper (AK) had previously merged with Storekeeper (SK) in January   2003.

***Commands should visit Placement Management (PERS-4013) for questions regarding billets advertised on CMS/ID***

Current Sea/Shore Flow:

     Tour                             Sea                           Shore
   1st Tour                     54 months                  36 months
   2nd Tour                    48 months                  36 months
   3rd Tour                     42 months                  36 months
All other tours               36 months                  36 months 

ASVAB Requirements:

VE + AR = 103

"A" School Information:

   Location                          Duration
Meridan, MS                         40 Days