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"A" School Assignments

PERS-4010S3 & PERS-4010S4

The Enlisted Community Manager (ECM) controls the quotas for "A" school.  If you have questions about whether you have been approved for "A" school, or the requirements for converting into a specific rate you must contact that ratings perspective ECM.

Once approved for "A" school you may then contact PERS-4010 for questions regarding school dates and obligated service inquiries.

RC/AC must re-enlist into branch code 11 prior to PERS-4010 writing orders for the Sailor.

PERS-4010 writes orders for active duty Sailors ONLY, not reserve Sailors staying in the reserve.

*Due to additional documents required for "A" school assignments in accordance with the MILPERSMAN 1306-618 series, message requests and BUPERS access generated 1306/7's are not accepted for "A" school assignments.


*Commands are directed to ensure member is within physical readiness and body fat standards prior to transferring member to "A" School. If member is not within standards, notify PERS-4010S and do not transfer member (MILPERSMAN 1306-134).


For additional information you may contact:

MAC(SW/AW) Stacey Jones        901-874-3883/DSN 882-3883

MA2(AW/SW) Charlton Smith      901-874-3487/DSN 882-3487