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 Hospital Corpsman (HM)


Notes from the HM Detailing Team

  • We are currently accepting Detailer packages for HM Detailers. Applicants must be coming from Sea Duty to be considered. For more information please contact HMC Jordan at 901-874-4662.
  • HM 0000/8404, please apply for billets that meet your current pay grade only. NO one up one down.
  • Although we are a Shore intensive rating, we are still encouraged to start and maintain a “Sea/Shore rotation”. The Sea/Shore flow guidelines are on the HM ECM website.
  • There has been an influx of calls right after submitting applications in CMSID. If your applications were submitted successfully, allow the completion of the Selection phase before contacting your detailer.
  • Highly motivated and Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) qualified Corpsmen are needed at sea to serve as 3-M Coordinators (3MC)! For more information please contact the 3MC Detailer.