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ETC(SW/EXW) Terrence Smith

BM/ET/IT/SN E1 - E7 FTS Detailer

Notes from the Detailer:

  • My motto: Communicate early, communicate often, and communicate clearly.

  • Update your duty preference selections in CMS/ID prior to entering your negotiation window and if you have any questions or concerns, contact me directly.  Make sure your contact information in CMS/ID is current.  Rest assured, once you are in your negotiation window, I will be contacting you.

  • BM Community: Current opportunities on shore are limited for all paygrades.  However, multiple different duty assignments are available as Type 2 sea duty to include multiple NECC assignments which could provide you an enlightening experience in the "brown-water" Navy.

  • ET Community: Currenlty there are mulitple requests for ET shore billets in the Fort Worth, TX area.  With the limited number of billets in that area, please understand the best fit will get job.  Do not limit your opportunities, submit duty preferences covering diverse areas.

  • IT Community: Current IT manning inventory matched against the number of unfilled billets presents a challenge when my IT-Sailors request release for Special Programs.  Contact me if you have any questions.  Every Speical Programs request will be given due consideration.