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YNC(SW/AW) Carl "CJ" Moody

YN E1 - E7 FTS Detailer


Notes from the Detailer

  • Thank you to all the commands we visited during our detailing trip to NAS Jacksonville and NS Mayport, FL from 26-30 May 2014.  During this time command visits were made to VR-58, VR-62, NAVREG SE RCC, HSL-60 and NS Mayport staff.  See our General Detailing Information and FAQs page for more details.

  • If you have questions concerning the detailing process, please ensure that you seek out guidance from your Chain of Command.  Furthermore, don't hesitate to call or email me directly if you have questions about career diversity and progression.  Communication is the key to success and it's very important that you relay information in the appropriate manner.



NC/PS E1 - E7 FTS Detailer

Notes from the Detailer

  • The Full Time Support (FTS) PS and NC community is comprised mostly of shore duty billets. Selecting a diverse career path is important for advancement, obtaining knowledge and a successful career. Examples of available shore duty billets are: Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSC), Regional Component Commands (RCC), Flag Duty, Navy Recruit Processing Centers, Navy Recruiting Districts, and various NECC commands.  Overseas and sea duty opportunities are limited but available.
  • Detailer Guidance: Keep an open mind regarding types of duty and location to continue career progression.  Prior to entering your detailing negotiation window, ensure the following is up-to-date and reflecting in CMS-ID:

    * Your CMS-ID preferences and contact information
    * Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Status 
       (If enrolled)
    * NAVPERS 1306/7 for Spouse Co-Location on file with
       rating detailer  (If Mil-to-Mil)
    * Review and understand NAVADMIN 226/12
  • Steps for Active Duty to FTS Conversions:
    * Received notification via C-WAY to convert to FTS
    * Reenlist into FTS Program
       Note: Ensure reenlistment contract reflects “Branch
       Class 32 or USNR”
    * Upon reenlistment, contact FTS Rating Detailer for
       available billets and negotiate next set of PCS orders. 
       System must reflect “Branch Class 32” before orders
       can be issued