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Naval Special Warfare / Special Operations


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Welcome to the Special Warfare / Special Operations Enlisted Community Managers page.  We recommend that you check back often for Community Management news and updates.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We are responsible for “cradle-to-grave" monitoring and management of the health and welfare of our respective communities.  We ensure that our cognizant ratings recruit and maintain required manpower, and that the manpower is correctly distributed throughout the enlisted paygrades as required by valid billets. 

If you are ready for both a challenge and an adventure, the Navy has just the training to test your mettle. BE SOMEONE SPECIAL! As a SEAL, SWCC, EOD, or DIVER student, you will participate in a challenging training program and encounter opportunities to develop and test your stamina and leadership. The training is extremely thorough academically, physically and mentally, but through adequate preparation and a positive attitude, you can meet this challenge with confidence.


NSW/NSO Head Community Manager - 901-874-2858
EOD Community Manager                   - 901-874-2827
ND Community Manager                     - 901-874-3116
SB Community Manager                      - 901-874-3552
SO Community Manager                     - 901-874-2195