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Reserve Component to Active Component Change Program                          


To fill Active Component (AC) community needs, enlisted sailors may be directly accessed from the Reserve Component (RC).  This not only leverages existing skill sets that reside in the RC population to improve and maintain AC community health, but also provides qualified sailors with an opportunity to resume or begin a career in the AC.


Applications for augmentation must be completed in Career Waypoint (C-WAY).  Certain ratings have additional job requirements. Documentation proving that the applicant meets those requirements must be sent to via encrypted email for an application for augmentation to be complete.  Quotas for the program are updated monthly.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your unit or NOSC career counselor, otherwise you may contact the NPC Customer Service Center, (866)-u-ask-npc or via
email at which is manned Monday-Friday, 0700-1900, CST.

If you have technical issues, contact the C-WAY helpdesk at 901-874-2102.


Once the RC to AC results have been released, Career Counselors must read the notes in C-WAY. All approval letters can be found in C-WAY.

Review Each of These Links to See if You Qualify 

MILPERSMAN 1326-021 *New MPM in draft

RC to AC/FTS Quotas *Updated 05/01/15 

Year Group Calculation 

POC: RC to AC Program Coordinator 901-874-3765