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Aircrew Survival Equipmentman


 PR Community Overview (Active)

PR Community Overview (FTS)

PR Career Path

PR (FTS) Career Path

General Description
Aircrew Survival Equipmentmen (PR) are responsible for keeping parachutes, life rafts, personal flight gear, and other aviation survival gear in proper working condition.

What They Do

The duties performed by PRs include:
inspecting, maintaining and repairing survival equipment, flight gear and protective clothing (anti-gravity suits etc.); using, adjusting, maintaining and repairing sewing machines; repairing, packing and rigging parachutes; inspecting and testing oxygen regulators, liquid oxygen converters and safety equipment; repairing, packing and rigging parachutes; equipping and packing life rafts; manufacturing various types of fabric work and webbing assemblies used in survival equipment.
Working Environment

Duties in the PR rating are usually performed indoors in aircraft hangars and on board ships. They also may work outdoors on flight decks and on Naval Air Station flight lines.


ASVAB: PAY 97 VE+AR+MK+AS = 185 OR MK+AS+AO =140
PAY 80 VE+AR+MK+AS = 185 OR MK+AS+AO = 140