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Your cooperation with the CTO is vitally important to accomplishing our mutual goals. In order to best serve your Sailors by ensuring they are gained in a timely manner and receive their transition benefits, please follow these steps:

1.    Have your Sailors who are approved for C-Way Reenlistment quotas complete their Reserve Affiliation Screening Checklist (RASC) as soon as possible.

2.    Submit completed RASCs to the CTO for all Sailors who intend to affiliate immediately at their separation date or release from active duty.

3.    For those Sailors who are unsure whether they will use their C-Way Reenlistment quota, maintain all completed RASC's onboard for at least 61 days after your Sailors’ separation date.

**CCC's submit your sailors RASC as soon as they receive a C-Way Reenlistment quota.**

We greatly appreciate your cooperation! Please contact the CTO at  (901) 874-4192 or with any questions.