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Featuring the latest information and updates regarding your Navy Career Tools.

Career Tools for Afloat Sailors - Throughout 2013, Navy surface ships should have received two new upgrades to NIAPS. These are:

1. The Career Tools Afloat page, or "CTA," which replaces "NKO at Sea." You'll see it's a lot better than NKO at Sea was, and greatly simplifies Sailor access to personnel and training applications that reside on NIAPS, NSIPS or the Internet. So now, afloat Sailors should look for the "CTA" page, in order to find their Navy eLearning courses, Electronic Service Record, Electronic Training Jacket, etc.

2. Maintenance Upgrade 1B-5, or MU1B-5, incorporates new functionality that gives afloat Sailors and Training Officers a way to know for sure if Navy eLearning Afloat on NIAPS is working reliably or not. It also provides new functionality to the Electronic Training Jacket and FLTMPS Afloat.