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Catagories & Placement

Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL)
Service members are placed on the Temprary Disability Retired list when they are found to be unfit for performance of military duty by reason of physical disability which may be permanent but which has not sufficiently stabilited to permit an accurate assessment of a permanent degree of disabilty.  Service members are transferred to the TDRL upon acceptance of findings by the Phsycial Evaluation Board (PEB), of a rated disability of 30% or greater.  Orders/authorization for transfer to TDRL should be expected within 6 weeks of acceptance of the preliminary PEB findings.  Retirement dates will be effective at the end of the month -unless the member or the PEB requests a specific date.

Permanent Disability Retired List (PDRL)
Service Members are transferred to the Permanent Disability Retired List when the member accepts the preliminary findings by the PEB of a rated disability of over 30% (if less than 20 yrs of active service) or a rated disability at least 0% (if over 20 yrs of active service), that is considered stable or of a permanent nature without possibility of an increase or decrease in a disability rating percentage. Orders/authorization for transfer should be expected within 6 weeks of acceptance of preliminary findings. Retirement dates will be the last day of the month unless the member or the PEB requests a specific date.

TDRL transferred to PDRL
Transfer from TDRL to PDRL can occur after the results of any 18-month periodic physical examination as determined by the PEB that the condition for which the member was placed on the TDRL has stabilized or become permanent in nature or disability rating percentage. Effective transfer to the PDRL should be finalized within 6 weeks of notification to the member of the PEB findings. PERS-82 will notify the member by letter of the effective date of transfer to the PDRL.  NOTE:  The notification letter should be taken to the nearest Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) and DEERS/TRICARE office for issuance of permanent military retiree identification cards and coordination of health benefits, respectively.

TDRL to Separation with Severance Pay

The PEB may determine, after any 18-month periodic physical evaulation, that the condition for which the member was placed on the TDRL has stabilized.  If the PEB determination is that the disability rating has fallen below 30% members will be seperated from the TDRL with severance pay.  After members are notified by the PEB that their disability rating has fallen below 30%, PERS-912F will receive notification from the PEB to seperate the member with severance pay.  PERS-912F will then notify the member that they are being seperated from the TDRL, and that they are required to relinquish all identification cards in their possession (member and dependents).  PERS-912F will also notify DFAS of the seperation effective date for Severance pay processing.  DFAS normally processes severance pay within 90 days of notification .

NOTE: Members seperating with 20 Active years may request transfer to the Fleet Reserve; Members seperating with 20 combined years of Active and Reserve time may request transfer to the Reserve Retirement List.

TDRL found Physically Fit for Reappointment or Re-Enlisted             

The PEB may determine, after any 18-month periodic physical evaluation, that the condition for which the members were placed on the TDRL are no longer unfitting, and would not hinder them from performing normal active duty responsibilities.  After members are notified by the PEB that of the FIT determination, PERS-912F wlil receive notification from the PEB of the same.  PERS-912F will then inform members of the actions they should take to return to active duty if they choose.  If members consent, and are otherwise qualified, they may be able to resume the active duty or reserve status held at the time they were transferred to the TDRL.  It is important to understand that members must meet all re-entry standards (both administrative and non-rated medical) as determined by the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC).  Member's declining/accepting will be be honorably discharged by PERS-912F.

NOTE:  This does not apply to members found FIT while on active duty.  This paragraph only applies to members determined to be FIT while on TDRL.  Members found "FIT" to perform the duties of his/her office, grade or rank on active duty may be continued on Active Duty until such active duty is terminated under other provisions of law or regulation.                 

Retired Pay Suspension
Service members on the TDRL who fail to adhere to policies and procedures of the TDRL program as outlined below, SECNAVINST 1500.4E, may realize a suspension of disability retired pay until compliance is achieved.

Reasons for pay suspension include:

Failure to appear to ANY required 18 month physical evaulation

Failure to notify appropiate organizations of a current address to include Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS), PERS 82, etc.

NOTE:  Retired pay will be stopped until physical evaluation has been completed and/or correct address has been updated.

Administrative Removal
10 U.S.C. 1210 provides that the maximum time that a member's name can be carried on TDRL in a pay status is 5 years. Service Members who have not recieved a final disposition upon the 5-year anniversary of their placement on the TDRL will be Administratively Removed from the program. 

Once a member is administratively removed, return to the program for finalization procedures must be addressed to PERS-82, PEB, and possibly the Board of Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) with justification for failure to adhere to Title 10 USC requirements.

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