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Officer Retirements Branch - PERS-835

Enlisted Retirements/Fleet Reserve - PERS 836 

For information regarding Reserve (Non FTS) retirements for both officers and enlisted please visit Reserve Retirements found under Reserve Personnel Mgmt.

Officer Retirements

Fleet Reserve/Enlisted Retirements


1. Provides advice and assistance to military and civilian personnel at all levels in CHNAVPERS, the Department of Navy (DON), and Department of Defense (DOD) regarding retirement laws and procedures, retirement policy, dual compensation laws, Judge Advocate General (JAG) opinions, and Comptroller of the Navy (NAVCOMPT) decisions relating to retired pay authorization and all other retirement rights, benefits, and privileges.

2. Reviews new laws affecting retirement; determines and analyzes the affects of these laws; and issues directives, which are required to implement retirement policy changes.

3. Reviews and provides comments on legislative proposals and initiates legislation relating to retirement.

4. Provides assistance to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) to resolve petitions for correction of active duty personnel (officer and enlisted) records pertaining to retirement.
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