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OPNAV Policy and United States Code Title 10 closely govern these programs.  See our examples and references on this site.  You can also contact your admin office or us (click on our names on the previous page) for more details regarding your specific situation.

1.        What are the associated references?

 Voluntary RetirementMILPERSMAN 1810-020OPNAVINST 1811.3A, 10 USC 1293 (CWOs),  6323 (Regular Commission) and 6322 (30 years).


Retire-Retain and Retire-RecallMILPERSMAN 1811-010, 10 USC 688 & 690 (Regular and FTS "Active Duty" Retirees)


Age10 USC 1251 (USN)


Statutory Years of Service10 USC 633 (USN CDRs), 634 (USN CAPTs), 6383 and 6151 (LDOs), 1305 (USN CWOs).


Waivers:   NAVADMIN 182/16 (2 year TIG waivers for CDR's and CAPT's), ALNAV 016/13 and NAVADMIN 130/16 (reduces the 10 year active commissioned service requirement to 8 years for certain communities).

2.    How do I submit a request for a waiver?

The only waivers that are currently available are for age, commissioned service, next lowest grade,  minimum service requirment, minimum tour length and time in grade.  Age waivers are waiverable for designators 21XX, 22XX, 29XX and 41XX.  An example age waiver is provided.  Commissioned service waivers are outlined in ALNAV 016/13 and NAVADMIN 109/13, next lowest grade waivers are outlined in OPNAVINST 1811.3A, and time in grade waivers are outlined in NAVADMIN 371/08; both of these waivers are requested on your voluntary retirement request.  Keep in mind waivers take a minimum of 6 MONTHS to process.


Send a standard Naval letter with command endorsement to:

Navy Personnel Command (PERS-835)
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington TN 38055-8350

Fax: (901) 874-2622


We also accept faxes and scanned documents via e-mail; points of contact and  e-mail addresses can be obtained by calling the appropriate PERS-835 departmental representative.




DSN 882
COMM (901) 874- XXXX
FAX - 2622

 Retirement Orders A-L


 Retirement Orders M-Z


 Age Waivers / Retire Retain / Reversions

4207 or 3183

 Highest Grade Held / BCNR



SSN beginning with 001-384


PEBD / ACBD / ADSD / HPSD Updates SSN beginning with 385 and above


SOS for Retirements

3231 or 4014

 Retired Pay Problems



3.    What happens if I'm retire-retained? Do I get a DD-214/When?  When can I sell back leave?  Does it affect my pay?

You get a DD-214 when you're finally released from active duty, after your retire-retain period per BUPERSINST 1900.8 (NOTE:  You need to be able to access secure websites to view the MILPERSMAN and other Navy instructions).  You can sell back leave (up to the 60 days in a career) per DODFMR Vol 7A Ch35 Table 35-1.  You must complete your retirement physical and SBP election prior to your official retirement date.  TAP class is recommended.  A detailed list of facts for retire retain is provided with the approval letter.


Since this program is so closely governed by policy and law, there is very little leeway in our process. 

4.        How many years commissioned service do I need? What's my required Time In Grade?

For voluntary retirement, all officers other than CWOs are required to complete more than 20 years of active service, of which at least 10 years was service as an active commissioned officer, per 10 USC 6323.   


CWOs must complete four years commissioned service if selected prior to 1 October 2013 and six years if selected 1 October 2013 or after.  Additionally, two years TIG is required prior to retirement eligibility as a CWO.

10 year commissioned service (YCS) waivers are available. 
ALNAV 016/13 and NAVADMIN 109/13 outlines the minimum requirements for submitting a waiver request for officers who have at least 8 YCS.  The YCS waivers are submitted in the voluntary retirement request by adding the ALNAV as a reference and requesting the waiver in your retirement letter.  The waivers require the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASN (M&RA)) approval after being routed through the appropriate detailing community and community managers.


Time in Grade waivers for CDR's and CAPT's are available.  NAVADMIN 371/08 outlines the minimum requirements for a TIG waiver.  The TIG waivers are submitted in the voluntary retirement request by adding an additional line to your retirement letter stating that you request a TIG waiver.  The waivers require the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASN (M&RA)) approval after being routed through the appropriate detailing community and community managers.

5.    When is my statutory retirement date?  When am I eligible to retire?  What will my retirement percentage be?

 Log onto BUPERS Online and access your ODC.  You can find the dates below to answer that question.  

    - ADSD (Active Duty Start Date).  Block 20 on your ODC.  Used to calculate your eligibility for active duty retirement, and your retirement percentage.  Per 10 USC 6323, you must have 20 years and one day to retire.  Thus, if your ADSD is 940307, you can request retirement 1 April 2014 (officers must retire on the 1st day of the month).   
ACBD (Active Commissioning Base Date).  Block 19 on your ODC.  Used to calculate your active commissioned service.
PEBD (Pay Entry Base Date).  Block 16 on your ODC.  Used to calculate your longevity pay (i.e., O-4 over 10).
Promotion Date.  Blocks 36-40 on your ODC.   Used to calculate your Time In Grade.
Date of Initial Entry Into Military Service (DIEMS). Used only to calculate what retirement plan you fall under.

Click on any of the block numbers while looking at your ODC for a description.


If your ADSD, ACBD, PEBD or DIEMS is incorrect, fax documentation to (901) 874-2622 for review.


We can't calculate your percentage at PERS-835, the dates above are uploaded to DFAS.  They calculate the percentages based on your retirement plan.  DFAS has a retirement pay calculator that can be very helpful.

  1. How far ahead can I get my orders?  Can you send me a "letter of intent?"

Per MILPERSMAN 1800-020 and for fiscal reasons, orders are routinely funded and issued 6 months prior to retirement date.

No letters of intent will be issued.

  1. What does NPC provide for retirees?  Do you still send out the retirement certificates and the presidential certificate of appreciation?  What other types of certificates are available?  Where can I order them?

We mail a blank retirement certificate form to your command approximately 5 months before your retirement date.   The certificate is signed by the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP).  Certificates from the President of the United States can be ordered through the Navy supply system.  The stock number for the Presidential Certificate of Appreciation (DD 2542) is 0106LF1273500 and costs around $32 per pack.  (NOTE:  When we send out the certificate signed by CNP, we use the addresses that are in the Officer Master File; these addresses are sometimes wrong.  If your command consistently misses mail from BUPERS, please have them contact PERS-455 and fix their address in the system!


If you have 30 years of total active federal military service, you are eligible for a letter of appreciation signed by the President.  We will submit a request to the White House Liaison, however, a good home and command address is needed for retiring members.


Additional information for certificates and recognition can be found under the StayNavy link.

8.    I was passed over for promotion for the 2nd time (2xFOS); what now?


Refer to current continuation policy.

     - Continuation and 2xFOS website

  1. What is the current policy for househunting and job hunting TAD, and how can it be combined with leave?  I heard I can carry over more than 60 days leave from fiscal year to fiscal.  Will the Navy pay to ship my HHG to any place I want to retire?

It is up to you and your command to work out leave, PTDY, etc.--our orders are cut for the day you actually get out of the Navy.  Currently, up to 20 days PTDY is authorized for all officers retiring INCONUS.  Members stationed outside of the continental United States (OCONUS) may receive an additional 10 days PTDY depending on whether a round trip will be made or not (up to 20 days involuntary separation and up to 30 days for retirement).  (Note:  The additional 10 days are to allow round trip travel to/from overseas locations and still provide adequate time forjob/house hunting.)  


In accordance with MILPERSMAN 1050-010 during the period beginning on              1 October 2008 through 30 September 2015, earned leave up to 75 days may be retained as of the first day of the new FY.


Leave not to exceed 120 days may be accumulated as defined in MILPERSMAN 1050-070.  Except for leave accumulated from 1 October 2008 until 30 September 2015,

leave in excess of 60 days that has been accrued, per MILPERSMAN 1050-070, shall

be lost unless it is used before the end of the third FY after the FY in which it was

earned. Special leave accrual earned from 1 October 2008 until 30 September 2015

may be retained until the fourth FY after the FY in which it was earned.


Navy will pay to home of selection, but not OCONUS.  Cost above and beyond any place you pick INCONUS would be covered by you.  Reference is:  JFTR Vol 1, para 5130a, Item 1.

10. How do I submit a request?  Is it carved in stone then?  How do I modify or cancel my retirement?

BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR REQUEST MAKE CERTAIN THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND THIS IS THE DATE YOU WANT TO RETIRE.  To submit your request, follow the MILPERSMAN 1810-020.  We only require an endorsement from your reporting senior (whoever signs your fitness report), although we do accept further endorsements from senior officers if submitted.  If you do not have the required Time-in-Grade (per OPNAVINST 1811.3 or current waivers identified in FAQ #2) to retire at your current rank, then you must specifically request a Next Lower Grade waiver in your letter. 


After we get your request, and if no waivers are involved, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to staff it through your community; we also calculate your Statement of Service to ensure your time is accurate for your eligibility and retirement.  Per the MPM, you must submit it 6-12 months before your desired retirement date (at least 9 months if you're not asking to go at your PRD) so your detailing community can plan for a relief.  Do not submit your request more than 12 months in advance--the money is not allocated in the Navy's budget at that time and we are not authorized to cut orders.  PERS-8353 only verifies the statutory obligations--your detailing community checks obligations like minimum time on station, service schools, bonuses, etc., and makes the approval/disapproval recommendations.  We recommend calling your detailer if you have questions like "Will my request be approved?"  Your command handles all issues of terminal leave, PTDY, etc. 


CANCELLATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS THAT CROSS INTO ANOTHER FISCAL YEAR (FY) ARE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET APPROVED.  If you want to modify or cancel your request, send us another letter with command endorsement.  This request goes through the same staffing process as your original request; if approved, orders will be modified or cancelled as appropriate or a message will be sent to your command explaining why your request was disapproved.  If you must change your retirement date at the last minute (within 2 weeks of your date), notify your detailer also so they can push it through as quickly as possible.

11. What retirement plan do I fall under?  How much will my retirement pay be?

Your retirement plan is determined from your Date of Initial Entry to Military Service (DIEMS), which is displayed on your LES; it's the date you first signed the oath of office or Enlistment Contract to enter the uniformed service.  


How much you'll be paid is based on different dates, mainly your ADSD--check out DFAS' website to reference the DODFMR.


The plans are:

Final Basic Pay – Service members whose DIEMS date is before Sept 8, 1980. ANNUNITY FORMULA – 50 percent of final basic pay after 20 years of service, 2.5 percent of each additional year.


HIGH-3 - Service members whose DIEMS date is between Sept 8, 1980, and Jul 31, 1986. ANNUNITY FORMULA – Same as above except 2.5 percent is applied to average basic pay for the highest three earning years rather than Final Basic Pay.


REDUX - Service members whose DIEMS date is after Jul 31, 1986.
ANNUNITY FORMULA – 40 percent of the average of highest three years’ basic pay after 20 years of service; 3.5 percent for each additional year served up to 30.

NOTE:  If you were reduced in grade for disciplinary reasons, you are not eligible for the HIGH-3 plan per 10 USC 1407 paragraph (f).

  1. What is a Statement of Service and where do I get one?

A Statement of Service (SOS) establishes the Active Duty Start Date (ADSD-used to calculate time toward retirement); Pay Entry Base Date (PEBD-used to calculate longevity pay, and is posted on the LES); "E" pay entitlement, if applicable; and for doctors/dentists, the Professional Service Date (PSD-used to calculate bonuses).


We only add in reserve points (drill points, correspondence courses, etc.) for officers who are retiring, not for new accessions or officers researching retirement eligibility.  Reserve points will increase your retirement pay multiplier, but are not counted toward retirement eligibility.


Calculating a SOS is very complicated due to the laws, policies, Comptroller General decisions, and many other references.  If you disagree with your PEBD, ADSD (which isn't on your LES--you have to check your ODC via BUPERS Online (BOL) or DIEMS (Date of Initial Entry to Military Service), then fax the documentation to us to correct your record.  We need the following documentation to give you credit for what you've earned: DD-214, Oaths of Office, Enlistment Contracts, etc.

NOTE:   We automatically calculate your SOS when you submit your request for retirement; when your retirement orders are released, a copy of your SOS will upload to BOL and will be available for approximately 45 days.  A copy will also be forwarded to your command along with your retirement certificate.  If you are certain after looking at all the FAQs on this page, viewing your record online, and have the documentation to show that there is a discrepancy with your ADSD or PEBD, then fax the information to us at Comm (901) 874-2622/DSN 882-2622.  We calculate statements for all active duty officer retirees, all new officer accessions, and correct records through BCNR or trouble call.  There are a lot of requests (including the trouble calls), and we prioritize and process them as quickly as possible. 


If you're a new doctor or dentist and have no ADSD, PEBD, HPSD or have an issue with those dates, we need a copy of all your Oaths of Office (ENS and LT--not the big certificates, but the oath you signed), all DD-214's from prior service and a copy of your orders with reporting endorsements faxed to us at Comm (901) 874-2622/DSN 882-2622.  Also, any other documentation of active duty, Active Duty for Training (ADT), or inactive duty need to be faxed along with the other documents. 

13. How much of my Reserve time counts toward my active duty retirement?

Per 10 USC 12731, active duty periods (AT, ADT, and ADSW) will count day-for-day, although we need specific documentation of the dates before we can give you the credit; if you don't have documentation of the dates, you will have to contact your Reserve unit or Navy Personnel Command PERS-912.  Reserve points are only applied to retirement percentage, and they're only added in at the time of retirement.

14. Do you do Reserve retirements?

No.   Contact PERS-912 at (866) 827-5672. 

  1. Where is the DoD 5500.7R referred to in the MPM 1810-020?

This is the DoD ethics instruction.   Click here to go to OSD's Standards of Conduct website.

  1. How much leave can I sell back?  Per MILPERSMAN 7220-340 ONLY 60 days can be sold back during your entire career, they will be lost if not taken as leave.              


  1. How do I get a copy of my military record (or a deceased family member's record) if I've already retired?  Do you have any contact info for the record archives in St. Louis?


Click here to go to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration website.  You can also call toll-free 1-866-272-6272. 

  1. I am approved for a reversion and will be continuing on active duty.  How will this affect my pay?

Your pay should not be affected at all.  Make sure that your servicing PSD submits a copy of your reversion orders and any other pertinent documents to DFAS Cleveland in time for processing.  


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