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PERS-913 is the BUPERS code responsible for processing Enlisted Waiver Packages (EWP) submitted by Navy Reserve Recruiting Command for personnel requesting to affiliate with the Navy Reserve.

For additional information, you may contact us at DSN 882-2915  Comm: (901) 874-2915.  Fax: (901) 874-2673.



  • Q: I received an RE-4 code when I separated from active duty, can I still join the Selected Reserve?


  • A: PERS 913 adjudicates RE-4 waivers on a case by case basis.  An RE-4 reenlistment code simply means that a BUPERS waiver is required prior to approving an enlistment to join the SELRES.  Waivers may be obtained by submitting a request to PERS-913 via the Navy Reserve Recruiting Command.