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" Enlisted personnel in the Ready Reserve must accumulate a minimum of 50 retirement points per anniversary year in order to maintain satisfactory participation.  PERS-913 screens the IRR for personnel with 20 or more qualifying years who have failed to accrue at least 50 points in their most recent anniversary year.  Personnel who fail to provide satisfactory proof of attainment of 50 retirement points or those who fail to respond within 30 days of notification, will be transferred to "S2" status (Standby Reserve Inactive) .  Members in S2 status are precluded from earning any additional retirement points or reenlisting."

For additional information, you may contact PERS-913 at DSN 882-2915  Comm: (901) 874-2915.


Q:  I received a letter informing me that I was being placed in a "USNR-S2" status because I accrued less than 50 retirement points during my anniversary year. What can I do?

A:  You have 4 basic options:

  1. Submit documentation to Pers-913 proving that you have accumulated a minimum of 50 retirement points in your most recent anniversary year;
  2. Submit a written request to remain in an active status in the IRR with justification describing why you did not maintain 50 points per year;
  3. Submit your request for retirement (with/without pay) to Pers-912;
  4. Fail to respond and be transferred to S-2 status.