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Officer Record Update 

The officer OMPF (permanent personnel record) is routinely updated for all personnel actions concerning an officer during their career.  The servicing PSD or Personnel Office that supports the officer’s duty station is responsible for forwarding documents for inclusion into the OMPF.  The commanding officer and the individual officer are jointly responsible for ensuring that the OMPF is complete and contains information pertinent to the officer’s career. 

Officers should familiarize themselves with enclosures 1 and 2 of BUPERSINST 1070.27 for what documents are placed in their record.

The Retain/Delete List can also be a useful tool.

PERS-313 does not update online "Corporate Data" personnel records, (i.e. ODC, PSR).  For Officer Data Card (ODC) corrections, refer to the Point of Contact Listing in Appendix E of the Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications, Volume II, NAVPERS 15839I.

Members can access and view their own OMPF record real-time through "OMPF - My Record" via BOL.  If a member ordered a CDROM with their record on it, it would contain the exact same documents but would take 30 days to receive.  
See Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) - My Record for details.

Officer Photographs

We cannot verify if a document is awaiting inclusion into an OMPF.  Due to the sheer volume of documents received at PERS-313, we do not log received mail or returns for tracking purposes.  This would add another step in the processing lifecycle and increase the overall turnaround time.  This also applies to officer photos.

Once photos are reviewed (the mail being opened), they are sent for processing into the record.  The process lifecycle from the time the photo is reviewed and sent for scanning is about 3-5 days before it is viewable in the OMPF ("OMPF - My Record").

If the form is incorrect per MILPERSMAN 1070-180, it is returned to the originator for correction/resubmission.  Again, returns are not logged in.

The photo will be rejected/returned for any of the following reasons:

  • Photo is in Black and White - Photo Must Be In Color
  • Incorrect Form - Photo Must Be Attached To The Current NAVPERS Form
  • Incomplete / Missing SSN - Form Must Have Complete SSN
  • Missing Signature - Form Must Be Signed By Member

If after 30 days from member submission, the photo is not viewable in the OMPF, the best course of action is to resubmit the photo. 

Selection Boards

If a member knows or thinks that their record will be going before a board, they should not wait until it convenes before reviewing and trying to get a document added or removed to the OMPF (image) record.  We recommend that each board eligible member review their OMPF record six (6) months prior to the board convening date.  Any updating correspondence (including officer photos) should be sent in a minimum of (6) months before a Selection Boards.

Note: Documents sent to a Board as a "Board Package" remain with the board until selections have been made.  At that time, designated board members will destroy all of the documents received from board eligibles.  Typically, these documents will not be turned over to PERS-313 for inclusion into the respective OMPFs.

The following MILPERMAN articles (1070 series) pertain to the Officer Permanent Personnel Record.  (Go to References for direct links)

  • MILPERSMAN 1000-020  Pay and Personnel Record
  • Maintenance Responsibilities
  • MILPERSMAN 1070-020  Officer Permanent Personnel Record
  • MILPERSMAN 1070-030  Creating the Officer Permanent Personnel Record
  • MILPERSMAN 1070-180  Officer Photographs

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