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Limited Duty

Value of Team Work

Effective communication between Command leadership (Sailor, Command Deployability (formerly known as LIMDU) Coordinator, CCC, LCPOs), MTF stakeholders (Medical Board/Patient Admin Dept, physician) and servicing PERSUPP DET/Personnel Office Deployability Coordinator is imperative!  All hands working together will ensure a timely return to the Sailor being returned to medically unrestricted duty.  Sailors on TLD/LIMDU MUST be monitored.


Limited Duty Descriptions

Temporary Limited duty (TLD, commonly known as Limited Duty (LIMDU), will be referred as TLD this point forward.

Temporary Limited Duty (TLD)

TLD is defined as a documented period of medically restricted duty, in consideration of a patient’s illness, injury, or disease process.  Placement of TLD is most appropriate only for Sailors whom a return to medically unrestricted duty status is anticipated.  TLD may only be provided as the result of the actions of a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) properly convened at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF).  TLD is a period when the member reports to their workspace, but during the period the member is excused from the performance of certain aspects of military duties, as defined in their individual TLD write-up.  During TLD, the member undergoes continued care, recovery, and rehabilitation aimed at returning the member to a medically unrestricted status.

The Convening Authority of a Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) has the authority to authorize up to twelve months of TLD for enlisted Sailors.  Any additional TLD MUST be submitted for approval to Navy Personnel Command (PERS-454) via encrypted e-mail to for approval via a department review.

All requests for TLD involving Officers MUST be submitted to Navy Personnel Command (PERS-454) via encrypted e-mail to for approval.  A member whose case has been referred to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for disability adjudication will be concurrently placed on TLD pending the PEB outcome.

Permanent Limited Duty (PLD)

PLD is defined as a need for a service member’s skill or experience that justifies the continuance of that service member on active duty in a limited assignment; the service member may be retained on active duty or in active status for a specified period of time.  Each case is individually considered, and the member’s length of service is not controlling in PLD decisions. 

Members with over 20 years of active service shall not be continued on active duty solely to increase their monetary benefits, nor shall they be continued unless their employment is justified as being of value to the naval service.

PERS-82 may, upon a member's request, particularly from a member with over 18 years but less than 20 years of active service, retain unfit to continue naval service members in a PLD status when such retention is in the best interests of the service and consistent with the guidance in paragraph 6003 of SECNAVINST 1850.4E. 

Permanent Limited Duty (PLD) will not be approved when retention in a PLD status would jeopardize the member’s health or safety, or that of others.

The following criteria must be met for consideration

1. Member must be found “UNFIT” by the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB).

2. Unfit member must be able to maintain his or herself in a normal military environment, without adversely affecting his or her health or the health of other members.  The IDES/PEB will determine if member is a risk.

3. Unfit member may be retained to complete service obligations for Navy funded education or training (i.e., initial and advanced skill training schools).
Unfit member may be retained to meet shortages against authorized strength in an enlisted skill, competitive category, designator or specialty, or a military occupational field or specialty, provided they can perform required duties in an authorized billet for that skill.

4. Unfit member may be retained to complete a current tour of duty or to provide continuity in key billets pending relief.

5. Unfit members may be retained for a specified period of time, at the request of a commanding officer of a medical treatment facility, to meet the need for that specific type of condition in a graduate medical education program at a specific MTF that cannot be met at that MTF by other authorized means and is essential to maintaining program accreditation.

6. Unfit member may be retained to reach fleet reserve eligibility if member has over 18 years of active service per U.S. Title 10, Chapter 61. 

7. Member must not be a risk per the IDES/PEB.

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