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TLD Periods

First and Second TLD periods

Active duty and full-time support personnel placed on TLD by their MTF are in a medically restricted status and cannot perform specific tasks as indicated on member's medical evaluation board write-up.  For enlisted personnel, an MTF that has a convening authority may approve TLD for the 1st and 2nd periods only for a maximum of 12 months combined.  All requests for TLD involving officer personnel and 3rd period or higher for enlisted MUST be submitted to Navy Personnel Command (Pers-454) via encrypted email to: for approval.  The MTF is responsible for supporting the management of TLD personnel to include scheduling appointments in increments of at least two months during the TLD period.  MANMED Chapter 18 and MILPERSMAN Article 1306-1200 refers.

TLD Reevaluations at an MTF (follow-up of TLD period)

Active duty and full-time support personnel placed on TLD by their MTF are required to complete a reevaluation 30 days prior to the end of TLD period.  Active duty and full-time support personnel are required to make their own appointments for reevaluation and follow the rules explained to them on the page 13 (NAVPERS Form 1070/613) that they signed when placed on TLD.  Possible results from a reevaluation by an MTF are approving a 2nd TLD period, return a member to duty, refer case to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB), or submit MEB to Pers-454 for review of a possible 3rd TLD period (Pers-454 may grant additional TLD or refer the case to the case to IDES/PEB for disability adjudication).  MILPERSMAN Article 1306-1206 refers. 

Departmental Review at Service Headquarters (Pers-454)

Active duty and full-time support personnel may need additional TLD over their maximum allowed TLD per career (12 months) as indicated by an MTF.  An MTF will fax or email to all MEB reports, non-medical assessment, and cover sheet to Pers-454 for review.  Pers-454 may grant additional TLD for the member or refer the case to the IDES/PEB for disability adjudication.  MILPERSMAN Article 1306-1200 refers.

Member is Assignment Limited

An active duty or full-time support member, after found returned to duty by an MTF and subsequently found assignment limited, is not available for orders.  Member's servicing PSD is responsible to submit a "YJ" Avail to Pers-40 indicating a member is assignment limited.  Member's command is responsible to send an assignment limited message to Pers-40BB using template shown on Exhibit 1 of MILPERSMAN Article 1306-801.  A member determined to be assignment limited may receive orders, be retained at current command, or be ordered to start administrative separation processing.  An assignment limited Avail by PSD and message release by command is required even if member is on a normal shore rotation and not within their 9-month PRD window.   MILPERSMAN Article 1301-801 and 1306-1208 refers.

TLD is defined as a documented period of medically restricted duty, in consideration of a patient's illness, injury, or disease process.  Placement of TLD is most appropriate only for Sailors whom a return to medically unrestricted duty status is anticipated.  TLD may only be provided as the result of the actions of a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) properly convened at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF).  TLD is a period when the member reports to their workspace, but during the period the member is excused from the performance of certain aspects of military duties, as defined in their individual TLD write-up.  During TLD, the member undergoes continued care, recovery, and rehabilitation aimed at returning the member to a medically unrestricted status. 

The Convening Authority of a Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) has the authority to authorize up to two 6-month periods of TLD for enlisted Sailors.  Any additional TLD MUST be submitted for approval to Navy Personnel Command (Pers-454) via Encrypted e-mail to for approval via a department review.

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
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