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Temporary Limited Duty (TLD)

Deployability Assessment Branch (formerly the Limited Duty (LIMDU) Branch) (PERS-454) major functions include:

-Being responsible to the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) to overesee the Navy's medically restricted population and be able to provide the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) a real-time picture of all Sailors that are Deployable at any given moment to carry out the mission.

-Having the authority to override any request for TLD and may direct a MTF to submit a medical board to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for a potential disability/fitness determination. 

-Working closely with detailers, placement officers, community managers, and other program managers to monitor and actively make decisions on personnel that may have medical restrictions affecting their retention for continued naval service.  We also aid Transient Reduction Branch (TRB), formerly Transient Monitoring Unit (TMU) in monitoring the movement of personnel through the LIMDU and transient pipeline. 

-Educating MTFs stakeholders, command leadership, PERSUPP DETS on the proper utilization of TLD and the effects of it on Sailors' future retention.

Associated Terms and Definitions:

Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) - An MEB is a panel of providers attached to a Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) whose commander or commanding officer has been expressly designated to hold "convening authority" (CA) for MEBs.

Medical Evaluation Board Report (MEBR) - The deliberations of a MEB will result in a document of findings known as the MEBR.  The MEBR will either (a) recommend placement of a Sailor on a period of TLD; or (b) refer the Sailor's case to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for a fitness/disability determination.  Form used is NAVMED 6100/5.

Light Duty - a period when a Sailor reports to work, but during the period is excused from the performance of certain aspects of military duties, as defined in the individual light duty write-up.  The goal is to allow for appropriate clinical evaluation and treatment without causing further damage to the Sailor.  "Light duty" will not exceed 90 consecutive days (assigned in 30 day increments).

Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) - commonly referred to as LIMDU is a period of medically restricted duty as a result of illness, injury, or disease process.  A Sailor may only be recommended for TLD by a properly convened Medical Evaluation Board (MEB).

Return to Medically Unrestricted Duty - commonly known as "Fit for Duty" refers to a pronouncement by a physician that a Sailor previously on "light" or TLD has been healed from an injury, illness, or disease that necessitated them serving in a medically restricted status.  Form used is NAVMED 6100/6.

Fit for Continued Naval Service - is a finding made exclusively by the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) in determining a Sailor's ability to perform the duties of their office, grade, rank or rating. 

Unfit for Continued Naval Service - is also a finding made exclusively by the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physcial Evaluation Board (PEB) in determining a Sailor's ability to perform the duties of their office, grade, rank, or rating.  This finding results in a member being medically separated w/ severance pay or medically retired (TDRL/PDRL)

IDES – Integrated Disability Evaluation System, which determines whether service members are able to continue to serve.  Previously, service member had to navigate two evaluations systems:  DOD and VA.  Now, service members receive one medical examination that determines fitness for duty for the DOD and disability ratings for VA benefits claims.

OIDES – Overseas Integrated Disability Evaluation System, which is a process for Sailors attached to overseas Commands who are identified as having a condition that may warrant enrollment into IDES.  Preenrollment is accomplished via a “quick look” package from the overseas MTF to the President of the PEB.

OIDES Guidance.  Points of contact for this matter are CDR David Webster, MC, USN at (202) 762-0553 or, LT Joseph Fiscus, MSC, USN at (202) 762-3051 or 

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
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