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Key TLD Responsiblities

Navy Personnel Command > Career Info > Limited Duty > Key TLD Responsiblities

PERS-454 responsibility

  • The Naval Personnel Command, PERS-454, is tasked by the Secretary of the Navy to oversee TLD cases and make TLD policy for the United States Navy.
  • PERS-454 is tasked to make decisions on personnel when the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) requests additional TLD for a member that will take him/her over the 12-month maximum career TLD allowed.  PERS-454 may grant additional TLD or refer the case to the integrated disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for disability adjudication, which may result in a fit or unfit decision. 
  • PERS-454 closely works with Navy Personnel Command's Transient Reduction Branch (TRB) that makes procedural policy and monitors Personnel Support Detachments (PERSUPP DETs) and MTFs on how they handle and control LIMDU cases. 
  • PERS-454 also closely works with PERS-40, detailers, community managers, and other program managers to actively monitor and make decisions on personnel returned to duty from LIMDU that have limitations restricting personnel from operational duty.
  • PERS-454 also educates MTF patient administration offices, PERSUPP DETs, and Deployability (formerly known as LIMDU) coordinators on TLD policy and procedures. 

Transient Reduction Branch (TRB) responsibility

  • Advises NAVPERSCOM on procedural policy and guidance on how PERSUPP DETs and MTFs handle TLD cases.
  • Adjusts projected rotation dates for 1st and 2nd period TLDs.
  • Inspects commands, PERSUPP DETs, and MTFs on how they are maintaining TLD cases.

Member’s responsibility

  • Sign page 13 acknowledging their responsibilities as being on TLD.
  • Schedule appointments every 2 months while on TLD.
  • Make a re-evaluation appointment every 60 days prior to TLD expiration.
  • Complete that re-evaluation 30 days prior to the expiration of TLD period.
  • Keep patient administration section of MTF and command informed of any change.
  • Coordinate any leave periods with the MTF.

Command’s responsibility

  • Designate a Deployability Coordinator in writing.
  • Fax designation letter to DSN 882-2681 or send via e-mail to
  • Assure that TLD member is available for appointments and reports to PERSUPP DET/MTF as required.
  • Assist TLD members to schedule appointments and keep MTF/PERSUPP DET Deployability Coordinators informed.
  • Keep a case file for each member on TLD.
  • Assure assignment screening is reported to appropriate PSD and/or service headquarters within the same day of RTD from MTF.

PERSUPP DET’s responsibility

  • Designate Deployability Coordinator in writing. 
  • Fax designation letter to DSN 882-2681 or send via e-mail to
  • Change ACC per instructions.
  • Management of TLD personnel.
  • Maintain close liaison with Area, MTF, and command Deployability Coordinators.
  • Submit monthly & tracer messages.
  • Submit YJ Avails for those worldwide assignable or assignment limited.
  • Keep case files and track status of personnel.

 MTF’s responsibility

  • Designate Deployability Coordinator in writing. 
  • Fax designation letter to DSN 882-2681 or send via e-mail to
  • Support the management of TLD personnel to include scheduling appointments increments of at least two months during the TLD period.
  • Assist member and member’s Command Deployability Coordinator in acquiring appointments on a priority basis.
  • Hold monthly meetings each month with Area, Command, and PERSUPP DET Deployability Coordinators.
  • Report to PERS-454 via email those Deployability Coordinators who are absent from the monthly TLD meetings/trainings.
  • Keep case files on members; submit weekly message
  • Establish local procedures to ensure member reports to Patient Administration Office upon being recommended for placement on, extension of, or removal from TLD.

All Deployability Coordinators (DCs)

  • Attend mandatory monthly trainings conducted at MTF. 
  • Track all TLD personnel and report status of TLD personnel to Command leadership.
Monitor all TLD personnel.  Coordinate efforts with other DC’s to ensure TLD personnel are returned to duty as soon as possible. 
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