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I’m nearing high year tenure separation/retirement; will I stay on LIMDU or be separated/retired?

High year tenure (HYT) takes precedence over LIMDU.  Contact your servicing PERSUPP DET, and make arrangements with your command to take separation leave or permissive TAD for house hunting/job hunting per OPNAVINST 1900.2A enclosure (4).  If you are to be retired, contact    PERS-82 for additional guidance.  Only exceptions for not being separated or retired due to HYT is if the Physical Evaluation Board has accepted a MEB on you for disability adjudication, or if you are hospitalized as an inpatient.

What is Permanent Limited Duty (PLD)?

Permanent Limited Duty is the retention on active duty of a member found "Unfit to continue naval service" by the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). The request must be made by the member and the Chief of Naval Personnel via PERS 82 may approve the request if it is determined there is a need for the service member’s skill or experience.  Click here for more PLD information Limited Duty Descriptions. 

Who assigns the first and second periods of limited duty for enlisted personnel?

First and second LIMDU periods are awarded by local MTFs up to
6-month increments not to exceed 12 months cumulative.  All recommendations for additional periods of LIMDU are forwarded to Navy Personnel Command (PERS-454) via encrypted e-mail to for approval via a department review.

Who assigns a period of limited duty for officer personnel?

All requests for TLD invloving officers MUST be submitted to Navy Personnel Command (Pers-454) via encrypted e-mail to for approval.  A member whose case has been referred to the Integrated Disability Evaluation system (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for disability adjudication will be concurrently placed on TLD pending the PEB outcome.  

If I’m approved for Permanent Limited Duty (PLD), am I required to undergo a reevaluation? If so, when?

You are required to receive a reevaluation ONLY if your approved PLD expiration date is 12 months greater than the date-time-group of PERS-821’s approval message. Reevaluation must be conducted 6 months prior to end of PLD to allow time for review by the Integrated Disability Evaluation system (IDES)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB).

I went to my reevaluation and was told that I’m being referred to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB).

The IDES/PEB is authorized by SECNAV to review and make decisions on the fitness of Sailors and Marines.  The IDES/PEB reviews several documents on you including your medical evaluation boards, documents provided by your command, and certain service record documents.  See SECNAVINST 1850.4E for everything about the disability evaluation system.  Contact your PEB liaison officer (PEBLO) at your local MTF to obtain disability counseling.  You should also contact your PEBLO if you are on LIMDU now and think that you will be referred to the PEB in the future.

Can I request Permanent Limited Duty (PLD) more than once?

No. PLD can be requested only once.


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